Jam – 2014-02-26 – Carroll’s

ds140226It being February 26, Deadstein took the opportunity to “play homage” to the great Swing Auditorium show from this very evening 37 years ago. It was a great show that both premiered and opened with a Terrapin Station as well as premiering Estimated Prophet. Also featuring a great Minglewood, Playing Wheel Playing first set closer and a second set filled with Help Slip Franklins, Music, Eyes, Dancing and so much more, this Swing Auditorium show was a 100% pure Angus beef.

Unfortunately for us, by bum ankle is keeping me from multi-tracking and Rich’s MP3 recorder is pale in comparison. Then again, if you don’t hit the record button, it doesn’t matter how bad it is. Rich didn’t hit the record for the first four songs, so we pick up the recording starting with the Sugaree and it goes for the rest of the night. It is too bad because we played the beginning of the night pretty well

Larry Brent, the day after his birthday joined us for the night bringing his newly setup blond Strat and a new 1997 Strat he recent acquired. Other guests included LeeJ for a few seconds as he is requesting Deadstein play his wedding later on this summer. Also in attendance was Howie Weiner who we discussed GarBand, the Swing and his new book, which he gave Scott and I a copy of.

In the world as the Oscars are coming up Harold Ramos just passed away as did Jim Lange at the Dating Game. The more things change the more they stay the same. Freak Out!

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

Jam – 2013-11-06 – Carroll’s

ds131106On this night, Deadstein’s freaky circus materialized once again and featured a variety of offering, not usually available at Deadstein in the 21st century. The prime offering I speak of is the presence of Larry Brent, who came in with a newly setup Stratocaster and he put it to good use. Larry was there for the whole jam, singing many songs and playing lead guitar for most of the night. This left Alan and I to split to rhythm parts so with that stated, I decided to split us up on the recording the places us as far away from each other as I could. This put me on the far left with Alan on the far right. Now that I write it, I guess I should have been on the far right with Alan on the far left.

Besides Larry, we did have a few wandering guests in addition to our friend Michael who was there to enjoy us for the second half of the night. We have had bigger circuses in the past with more people, but I don’t think we ever had one with such a heavy concentration of circus activity. It was awe-inspiring and required tremendous concentration just to play while the circus was in town.

Speaking of playing, I did multi-track record this evening, with two full drum set as well as Larry’s voice and guitar. Donna was absent from the festivities. The recording sounds good and everything almost seemed to work. I had a couple of channels go out during the Box of Rain, but that was about it. For some reason, the closer of the night, Rhapsody in Red was not successfully captured as my data files for that song seemed corrupt. Nevertheless, it was the last song of the night, and Deadstein was definitely a cooked piece of toast by that point in the evening. Therefore, no real reason to freak out, so at this point I am providing a final Freak Out!

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

Jam – 2012-09-27 – Carroll’s

This Thursday’s jam had us all back together for a jam plus we had Larry Brent playing for most of the night.  With all the catching up to get through I didn’t think there was a chance we would get past 20 songs.  Apparently I was way wrong as we got in 24.  We had a beefy 14 song first set with Larry and then a second set that we played with him for the first five songs, and played with just us Deadsteiners for the last 5 songs of the night.

As far as non-playing guests we had Rob and Heather, who left us with an inspirational good bye like no other as we “let inspiration move us brightly” during the Terrapin.  They popped their heads in and both gave a big inspirational good-bye.  It was pretty funny.  By the end of the night Ryan and Maggie showed up to catch our closing.  Once Larry left, I took the opportunity to try the If I had the World to Give, which once again shows improvement.

Closely following the Jewish Holidays, Alan tried to get a biblical theme going and all we got from that was the early Greatest Story and Brothers and Sisters.  The PA system was a bit woofy during the first set, and we finally tamed that beast by the end of the second set.  Sometimes, it is just like that and you have to play through the friction.  Hopefully next week will be a little slicker.

To hear this week’s music, use the links below:



1990-10-09 – First Deadstein Jam – MP3s Posted

Deadstein’s first jam occurred on October 9, 1990, 22 and a half years ago.  We played at Richie Haven’s/Dennis’ rehearsal studio/home at 162 Perry Street, NY, NY.  Up to now, the music from this historic jam was only available on the few original cassette tapes that may be floating around.  I found mine floating around and decided to digitize the music, master it and post the subsequent MP3s on the original web page for this jam.  Click here to view the webpage and and read about the jam as written several years after it happened.

This first tape is a soundboard mixed for us live by Dennis in his studio.  There is so much to understand about the evolution of Deadstein by listening to this first jam.  You can hear the strong foundation that would eventually be the Deadstein sound.  In many respects, we were better back then.  We were much closer to the Grateful Dead as they were still creating music and the hope of the Grateful Dead was alive in all of us, well maybe not Dave.  It was great listening to this jam for me while making it, and it may be fun for you also.  Enjoy.

Jam – 2012-07-25 – Carroll’s

Deadstein has been on a real roll recently, a rock and roll, where we play hard a generate a lot of music.  I’m sure July 2012 will end up being the month that Deadstein played more songs than any other month of the past 22 years.  That’s the type of roll we have been on but we had to keep our eye on the ball this week.  With both Rich and Alan out of town this week we called in the help of Larry Brent to take over the Jerry role blues.  With that we would be tempted to slip into the old ways of Deadstein when a second set was a monumental effort to mount.

This is not classic, old Deadstein and in 2012, we play hard and and we are prolific, no matter who is in the room.  I’m a music pusher and I make no bones about it, so I did my best to keep the music rolling.  In the end we almost, arguably reached the 20-song level as China/Rider really is 2 songs, yet we split the Dark Star in 2.  In any case, 19 or 20 songs is laudable for the night.  In classic Deadstein times  in the past, it would have been a record.  Even the big, famous 3-set first jam in October 1990 only had 17 songs.

We had a pretty good sounds for most of the night which I borrowed an MP3 recorder to capture, then I mastered it a bit and posted it below.  Sounds pretty good, a bit woofy and loud for most of it, but a pretty good effort.  The Stranger got us going for the night in the right direction.

For the first part of the night we had our only guests LeeJ and Arlene.  They haven’t been around in ages, so it was good to see them.  LeeJ may have even taken a video or 2, who would a thunk?  The first set was straight forward in proper order and gave use some good focus during it.  Ten quality songs without a clunker, gotta be happy about that.

We did the second set with the Eyes of the World with the 1974 ending, and that didn’t go over too well but the rest of it before hand was good.  Dark Star Uncle Dark Star was a trip and a serious endeavor, a good reason for not getting to 20 songs.  We never got to the Wharf Rat I was trying for as it was preempted by Larry with a Stella Blue.  That was a bit busier than it had to be, Larry wasn’t thrill with Kevin’s heavy-hand during it.  We then ended it with a really hot Music.  Somehow we pulled of the Beautifully Broken. Playing it was probably a tremendous surprise to everyone.  The Attics to close was as Deadstein does to Attics.  It ain’t pretty Freak out!

Next week we play following the free Ollabelle show at 5:30 at City Winery, I’m looking forward to that whole experience.

To hear the songs from this week, go to the links below:


Jam – 2012-05-16 – Carroll’s

With Rich and Alan both out of town we had to scramble a bit to get the week’s jam together.  Kevin and I were in for sure and the Rhythm Doodles, Scott and Lee, were in but we were missing a piano player as well as another guitarist.  A keyboardist we never found, but we called Larry Brent in to fill the other empty slot.  He showed up a little late with the night’s only guest Craigy.  We got a quick Gomorrah in while waiting for them to arrive.  There was a lot of traffic getting into the city with the Rangers playing game 2 against the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals at the Garden that evening.  They happened to lose that game 3-2.

As far as the night’s jam goes, I selected to play 5-16-80, the Go to Nassau show that was well know to me.  So well know apparently that the setlist I selected wasn’t that night’s show but a compilation that made up the CD, or at least the second set was.  I didn’t find out about this until the middle of the second set and the value of doing the proposed setlist lost it all, but we finished as planned anyway.  I am still not sure what the 1st set from 5-16-80 was.  In any case, the setlist I had selected was huge and was going to be a challenge to play and complete.  In consideration of the the proposed set list’s length, it is impressive we were  able to play it all with and extra song both at the start and at the end.  Over 20 songs for the week is a big week of music and quite a work out.

The first set is filled with a slew of big songs.  Lazy Lightning is never a good one for us, but the double drummer combo helped us stay in 7-time.  The first set’s Far From me was a Deadstein 1st, so that was pretty cool and we made it through that difficult adventure.  We played pretty loud and hard for the set and got through it nicely.

For the second set we had the challenge of several combos starting with a Stranger Althea.  This went into a Sailor Saint, which we got through okay.  The stand along Alabama Getaway that followed was a great example of the drummers sticking to a pocket that provided a comfortable place in which to play.  I think we were beginning to lose a little energy for the Playing Uncle Johns as the night grew long and all the songs we played were taking their toll.  Some how the drum solo had some energy and kind of boosted us through the finish which is pretty easy for us to play.  The Weight encore, with Larry leading it was a Deadstein best in that it maintained our structure.

Let’s hope the Ranger find a way to beat the Devils in this series and continue onto the Stanley Cup finals.  Much like this week, it looks like we will be playing once again during the game next Monday.  It appears as if we should Rich and Alan back for that jam, so get ready for some more Full-Band Deadstein.

To hear what we played, listen to the MP3s below.  Typically, Rich records us, but I was able to borrow an MP3 recorder from work and got the night fully recorded.


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