Jam – 2013-04-02 – Carroll’s

ds130402It was Tuesday night and all of Deadstein, including Donna D, were scheduled to jam for the night.  A major departure from all the guests we had the previous week.  Kevin was back from vacation and ready to go after missing a week.  Alan on the other hand, was scheduled to play but had to cancel at the last moment.  This left Rich to his own devices to try to find a replacement for Alan, come hell or high water.  Trister almost was able to make it, but in the end couldn’t join us.  This left Fred to fill in for Alan, or me, or both, who knows.  Fred showed up by the 3rd or 4th song and played with us for the rest of the night.  Our only other guest was Steve who enjoyed most of the jam with us.

Carroll’s had the studio set up for a session and they needed to perform a quick turn around on for the morning, so the PA was set up in a strange way and squealed throughout the evening, never giving us a strong reliable PA system.

At the beginning of the night there were only five of us there but I decided to go with a traditional Feel Like a Stranger Grateful Dead opening.  I think it felt a bit hollow to begin with but by the end of the song it felt good and comfortable.  I tried adjust the PA a bit during the beginning of the second song and for the most part missed out on the opening segments of the Loser, only getting back in position to play the lead.  We played a mellow C.C. Rider as the 3rd song trying to keep the legitimacy of the setlist and that is when Donna joined us ready for a fun night of music.

Donna was there for only a song or two until Fred sauntered in with his rig while we were completing the Cats Down Under the Stars.  While Rich desired to wait for Fred to play that song, I jumped in and grabbed the Cats Down by the horns and rocked it.  It was a good time to do that song while we still had only 1 guitar player.  I was looking to work on classic Donna songs, but she insisted on testing her by introducing new songs that she didn’t know.  We obliged her and kept her on her toes with a wide variety of new songs.

I recall an Estimated that was good and some ever improving Looks Like Rains and Passengers.  Tough to remember too much a week after the melee especially without the aid of the MP3s.  Until we can listen to them, all we can do is play and freak out.

Jam – 2013-01-23 – Carroll’s

ds012313With Alan vacationing, enjoying some warm tropical weather, Deadstein would have to brave the cold weather outside to enjoy some of the nice “woo” inside. Joining us at the unlimited table of “woo” in lieu of Alan for the second time was Fred.  With Fred on lead and me playing Bobby, it made for a strong night of music.

We only had Steve in as our guest for the night, so there was little to disturb us in our quest to play good music.  This kept us moving forward with determination. The equipment seemed fine so we had few excuses to make, and listening to the the recording should hopefully bear this out.

Scott had just come from a show seeing a performance of Dylan’s “I’ll Be You Baby Tonight” so we decided to take a crack at that song and had a good time with it.  It was good that we selected to do it early on because we were focused and stayed with it. We also had a 1972 vibe going on during the first set and did a nice He’s Gone –> Truckin’ –> Birdsong triple combo, extra meat and no tomato, if you know what I mean.  This seemed to be the main entree of the set.

By the time the second set hit, we needed some help. I had just showed Fred how to use the Deadstein.com online song database to access PDFs of song write-ups.  He noticed the Rand-O-Matic portion of it and I demonstrated it.  Next thing we know, the clutch Rand-O-Matic pulled a very entertaining night of 2nd set jamming for us out of its gorilla glass and on we went.  Another pat on the back to Deadstein.com.

To listen to what we did go to the following folder:

Set 1

Set 2

Jam – 2012-12-28 – Carroll’s

ds20121228The end of 2012 featured the 51st jam of the year and what a year it has been in Deadstein land.  For the night we had a surprise guest guitarist, Fred.  He was new to all of us but Rich and he played Jerry lead for the entire night leaving me to stick with the Bob rhythm guitar.  He was good and it made for a fun night of music.    Additionally, Donna was there for most of the night and stayed through the 12 o’clock hour.  Maybe it was the fact that we were jamming on the ultra rare Friday night.  This was the result of Christmas and New years being on Tuesday nights this year messing up Carroll’s schedules.  No big deal, the Friday night jam seemed like a bonus.  It was a long separation between the previous Monday jam and this Friday jam, so we were all ready to play.  Our guests for the night included Steve and Lindsey.  It’s time to get it all going again starting off strong for 2013.

To hear what we did to close 2012 go to the links below: