Jam – 2012-07-25 – Carroll’s

Deadstein has been on a real roll recently, a rock and roll, where we play hard a generate a lot of music.  I’m sure July 2012 will end up being the month that Deadstein played more songs than any other month of the past 22 years.  That’s the type of roll we have been on but we had to keep our eye on the ball this week.  With both Rich and Alan out of town this week we called in the help of Larry Brent to take over the Jerry role blues.  With that we would be tempted to slip into the old ways of Deadstein when a second set was a monumental effort to mount.

This is not classic, old Deadstein and in 2012, we play hard and and we are prolific, no matter who is in the room.  I’m a music pusher and I make no bones about it, so I did my best to keep the music rolling.  In the end we almost, arguably reached the 20-song level as China/Rider really is 2 songs, yet we split the Dark Star in 2.  In any case, 19 or 20 songs is laudable for the night.  In classic Deadstein times  in the past, it would have been a record.  Even the big, famous 3-set first jam in October 1990 only had 17 songs.

We had a pretty good sounds for most of the night which I borrowed an MP3 recorder to capture, then I mastered it a bit and posted it below.  Sounds pretty good, a bit woofy and loud for most of it, but a pretty good effort.  The Stranger got us going for the night in the right direction.

For the first part of the night we had our only guests LeeJ and Arlene.  They haven’t been around in ages, so it was good to see them.  LeeJ may have even taken a video or 2, who would a thunk?  The first set was straight forward in proper order and gave use some good focus during it.  Ten quality songs without a clunker, gotta be happy about that.

We did the second set with the Eyes of the World with the 1974 ending, and that didn’t go over too well but the rest of it before hand was good.  Dark Star Uncle Dark Star was a trip and a serious endeavor, a good reason for not getting to 20 songs.  We never got to the Wharf Rat I was trying for as it was preempted by Larry with a Stella Blue.  That was a bit busier than it had to be, Larry wasn’t thrill with Kevin’s heavy-hand during it.  We then ended it with a really hot Music.  Somehow we pulled of the Beautifully Broken. Playing it was probably a tremendous surprise to everyone.  The Attics to close was as Deadstein does to Attics.  It ain’t pretty Freak out!

Next week we play following the free Ollabelle show at 5:30 at City Winery, I’m looking forward to that whole experience.

To hear the songs from this week, go to the links below:


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  1. deadstein
    Jul 27, 2012 @ 21:56:28

    I forgot to mention how we left Kevin on the 6 floor as the elevator door closed on him being a mockery of himself.

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