Jam – 2012-01-25 – Carroll’s

With the Giants beating San Francisco last week in overtime and heading to the Superbowl last week, I decided to keep up the superstitious tradition of writing the weekly Deadstein  jam posting on Sunday morning.  It has worked for the last several weeks and I hoping it bring me the Lombardi Trophy home next Sunday.

For this week at Deadstein, Alan was once again not available so Larry Brent decided t0o join us and play the Jerry parts, leaving me with Bob for the night.  It was a fun positive night filled with good and bad moments.  I think we half-assed ourselves into several songs, which didn’t help anything along.  I think we need to focus on playing a song  with gusto and purpose when we play it and not rely so much on the non-existent vibe to propel us forward.  We all have to remember that vibe live within us and with paying it’s due respect to the vibe, it’s no going to help you.

I don’t recall any guests in the room for the night, so it was just us 5 chickens but once again, it was good to play with LLB.  In the world, I have been trying really hard to get the new version of the book done.  As of last night, I think I finalized the song list, adding 3 new songs yesterday. 2 by request and 1 by maturity.  I added King Bee, Money Honey and Far From Me as the last 3 songs of the book, so these new songs combined with the other new songs added, combined with the the sections of music added (end of Eyes, Terrapin, etc.), combined with improvement in many songs’ tablature, combined with  size increases where possible in font size, combined with improved look by print and copy publishing (thanks to Kevin and his HP 5L), combined with greatness of the existing book, combined with new online individual PDFs of each song (coming soon), will all make Jerry Garcia Songbook, Version 8 the best yet.  Look at the online whole PDF here: (Song Page)

If you just want the songs, which isn’t the best yet, you can find them below.


Jam – 2011-11-21 – Carroll’s

it was a Monday night jam the week of Thanksgiving thereby predicating the Monday night jam. I thought I would be done with this Siri type of dictator posting of the blog but sitting here in traffic on Route 3 made me want to say something.

When I walked into the studio undenounced to me Larry Brent was standing there ready to play. I found out Alan was on vacation and thereby it was Larry and we had a pretty good jam for old time sake. As usual, the beginning of the jam was much better then the end of the jam. We ran out of steam like is cheap locomotive by the end of the night but that’s not to diminish somebody better moments we had earlier on.

Four instance, I think the pretty Peggio was a very nice rendition that showed some real taste. Additionally, the Picasso Moon also was one of our better versions of that song.

then came the end of the night or the so-called second set there we ran into the brick wall that we often do. Scott was zoned down no matter what we tried to do to keep him alive but eventually he had to cave. I tried to give him a reprieve by playing drums for two or three songs which was fun but the song Sweet shows were pretty difficult including the house we did is and Mission in the rain. Somehow we ended the night with a pretty big Terrapin station which we did finish so all that said and done we were done.

So we are wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and look forward to the few jams we could squeeze in in the very busy crowded holiday season so with that wishing everyone more Yindi and then you want.


Jam – 2011-11-09 – Montanas

With Carroll’s not having a room for Deadstein to play we were on the road once again trying to find a place that can take us.  Rich suggested this studio, Montana’s at the corner of 56th and 11th to try out.  It cost about what Carroll’s does, is in the same vicinity and also has a very cool staff which helped us get set up and comfortable.  This is definitely the the second best place to play when Carroll’s isn’t available.  In many respect it could even be better than Carroll’s.

Playing in new digs we didn’t have any guests but we did have a substitute for Alan which was Larry Brent.  This meant was going to have the luxury of playing Bob all night while Larry carried the lead.  That’s how it went and it worked well.  The one lesson I learned from the night at Montana’s was to never get caught between Kevin and his amp.  That is no-man’s land and I found myself stuck in it all night long.  Additionally, I never felt comfortable with the mix in the room all night long.  I had trouble hearing my vocals, Rich’s key’s and even my own guitar though all the equipment was good and of high quality.  I played out of a Matchless combo which was w very nice feeling and sounding amp.  All the other instruments also felt good.

One last mention about this jam was it was the night before we were to see Furthur at the Garden the next night.  It was pretty cool that most of the songs Furthur played in the first set at the Garden Deadstein covered the night before.  It was like we were channeling into their vibe.  It was cool to experience while at the show.  If you want to try to channel into Deadstein’s vibe from the night, check out the MP3s below:


Jam – 2011-10-05 – Carroll’s

This was another fun week with several guests in the room to enjoy us, so that always gets us inspired.  In addition to the standard-5, we had Larry Brent sitting in with us, assuming the responsibility for most of the Jerry work.  This combo has been working for us recently and tonight was no exception.  It was a big full night of music with lots of songs.

As usual, the night starts strong but wanes as we all give in to a bit of fatigue and we lose our focus.  Not a big deal because at least at some point we had some focus.  I can’t remember too much of the set or the guests as I am writing this about 10 days after the fact and we already played another jam subsequent to this one.  I do remember Michael and his entourage at the jam.  The setlist should speak for itself, because at this time I can’t speak for anything so here it is below:


Jam – 2011-07-19 – Carroll’s

Another interesting night of Deadstein awaited us on this very hot July evening.  Being Tuesday, the traffic wasn’t as bad as it could have been, so parking and getting in and out was easy as easy as “that’s what she said.”  With Alan unavailable this week, we took the opportunity to invite LLB to the jam and to get back on that Deadstein bicycle for some jamming like it was just old times, just at a higher level and a lot older.  So many of the songs we really don’t play too much any more we we chose to play with Larry.  After fumbling through the first verse each of the newer Grateful Dead songs, they got better and better such as the Picasso Moon and the Victim.  That was a really nice surprise.  The first set was classic Deadstein and pretty good. Loud at time but as I said, classic Deadstein.

Scott and Larry both met Hook Herrera (http://www.myspace.com/hookherrera or http://www.hookherrera.net/) through the Almans I assume and Scott has been trying to get him to a jam with us ever since.  Our first set was without  Hook and played a really cool second set with him.  He was rocking on both the harmonica as well as his bluesy/BoDidley telecaster guitar style, for the most part leading our band.  It was pretty fun and exciting and not too much of a challenge to play along with this type of music.  At least for the most part, if there was an actual chord change it was a simple pattern to grasp.  So it all went very well and I look forward to the MP3s and some of the video that was shot.

Scott Bayer showed up with new bongo in hand and I had to deny him playing with us at all due to the presence of Hook playing with us, at least that was a good excuse and it worked.  In addition, I got him to video the performance for us, which is something I assume he is good at.  The only other guest for the night was a friend of Hook’s named Ross, who was simultaneously video recoding us also.

We played a few minutes past 12 and left the hot room and am now waiting and wondering what next week will bring us next.  More material that is more of the same yet completely different.  The Ying-Yoink of Deadstein.

To hear the MP3s from the jam, click the links below:


Jam – 2011-03-30 – Carroll’s

A Wednesday night that was looking as if it would be Core-4 turned out to be a nice surprise when Larry Brent walked in pulling his brand new Fender Mustang modeling amp behind him.  With Larry jamming with us and Alan not available, it brought me back to my comfort zone of playing Bob all night.

With several of us, not me, fresh off a Furthur tour where the band celebrated the Beatles Abbey Road by playing the album,  we got energized to play the Medley after listening to Furthur’s version before we got going.  We did jam a little with it during the pre-jam hang out which was a big help when we tackled it for real.  We first warmed up with the Let the Good Times Roll and that got us ready for the Medley.  My new transcription in a 3-page PDF was also a big help, we were lucky we found so many copies of them.  It was kind of shocking how not sucky that was.

Doing that album side got us to jump into the next album side, which was the Terrapin Station with the entire at a siding jam.  We practiced that a bit beforehand which also helped when we got to it.  That was also pretty darn good.  It was good to have Larry there who new how to comprehend our attempt to get through that whole thing.  I also had a new transcription of this song.

We also played a three-man Wake Up Little Susie with my new write-up.  I played drums on a couple of songs.  We played the old-school, classic Deadstein Scarlet –> Estimated.  We kept our composure and stamina for the most part through the night so we had a whole big night of lots of great songs.  Good to play Bob, nice to play with LLB, the Beatles thing was a nice surprise and a lot more to come.  Who knows there may be more classic Deadstein to come, the scent of Dave Schwartz is wafting over the horizon.

To hear what we did, listen to the MP3s made on the little recorder plopped down in the room.



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