Jam – 2009-09-29 – Carroll’s

Michael Carpetsteen and his Modulus

Michael Carpetsteen and his Modulus

After missing a week due to Kev’s son’s Dylan broken arm, we were able to get our act together this week although still without Kevin.  We all look forward to the return of Kevin and the rehab of Dylan.  It looks like Kevin’s going to be able to make it next week.  “How come the future’s gotta take such a long, long time?”

DCC_1995_edited-1Without Kevin to play bass we reached out to some old time friends from the stinking mainland to the west, New Jersey.  We were joined by Michael Carpetsteen on bass and vocals and Bill Siegel on keys and vocals.  It was really nice seeing them and playing with them after all these years.  Michael had his relatively new Modulus 4-string, semi-hollow-body bass guitar.  A really nice instrument.  Jason also joined us for the first time in weeks and he brought along a Strat of his  and some type of powerful distortion box.  Jason stayed until about 11:00, but it was enough for a dozen songs. or so.  On the guest role we had Rob and Miriam and of course, who could forget Scott Bayer playing his deep philosophy.

DCC_1998_edited-1We relied on the magic, random song selector to help us at time when we needed it, but for the most part, we didn’t need it.  We did get 22 songs on the setlist, so we did end up playing lots of songs in the 4-hour stretch.  Scott was definitely having trouble keep his eyes open by the end of the night, but we did go to 11:45.  That’s what is so amazing about getting 22 songs in while even ending 15 minutes early.

If you want to listen to this week’s music go to the link below or just click the individual songs.