Jam – 2012-05-16 – Carroll’s

With Rich and Alan both out of town we had to scramble a bit to get the week’s jam together.  Kevin and I were in for sure and the Rhythm Doodles, Scott and Lee, were in but we were missing a piano player as well as another guitarist.  A keyboardist we never found, but we called Larry Brent in to fill the other empty slot.  He showed up a little late with the night’s only guest Craigy.  We got a quick Gomorrah in while waiting for them to arrive.  There was a lot of traffic getting into the city with the Rangers playing game 2 against the Devils in the Eastern Conference finals at the Garden that evening.  They happened to lose that game 3-2.

As far as the night’s jam goes, I selected to play 5-16-80, the Go to Nassau show that was well know to me.  So well know apparently that the setlist I selected wasn’t that night’s show but a compilation that made up the CD, or at least the second set was.  I didn’t find out about this until the middle of the second set and the value of doing the proposed setlist lost it all, but we finished as planned anyway.  I am still not sure what the 1st set from 5-16-80 was.  In any case, the setlist I had selected was huge and was going to be a challenge to play and complete.  In consideration of the the proposed set list’s length, it is impressive we were  able to play it all with and extra song both at the start and at the end.  Over 20 songs for the week is a big week of music and quite a work out.

The first set is filled with a slew of big songs.  Lazy Lightning is never a good one for us, but the double drummer combo helped us stay in 7-time.  The first set’s Far From me was a Deadstein 1st, so that was pretty cool and we made it through that difficult adventure.  We played pretty loud and hard for the set and got through it nicely.

For the second set we had the challenge of several combos starting with a Stranger Althea.  This went into a Sailor Saint, which we got through okay.  The stand along Alabama Getaway that followed was a great example of the drummers sticking to a pocket that provided a comfortable place in which to play.  I think we were beginning to lose a little energy for the Playing Uncle Johns as the night grew long and all the songs we played were taking their toll.  Some how the drum solo had some energy and kind of boosted us through the finish which is pretty easy for us to play.  The Weight encore, with Larry leading it was a Deadstein best in that it maintained our structure.

Let’s hope the Ranger find a way to beat the Devils in this series and continue onto the Stanley Cup finals.  Much like this week, it looks like we will be playing once again during the game next Monday.  It appears as if we should Rich and Alan back for that jam, so get ready for some more Full-Band Deadstein.

To hear what we played, listen to the MP3s below.  Typically, Rich records us, but I was able to borrow an MP3 recorder from work and got the night fully recorded.


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  1. zapple100
    May 21, 2012 @ 03:35:53

    I live right by there. How did I miss that show?

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