Jam – 2011-04-27 – Carroll’s

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the great 4-27-71 Fillmore East Dead show with the Beach Boys, we decided to try to replicate the Grateful Dead portion of the show.  It is a great long setlist and took a lot of persistence to get through, and through we got as we finished the show’s song list with room to spare, enabling us to play to additional song.  Unfortunately, Rich’s MP3 recorder was set  to high or the preamps we overwhlemed, but the MP3s came out filled with distortion.  To bad because we had some good moments.

As far as guests we had Marty Goodman playing keyboard, B3 sounds for the last two-thirds of the night.  His sounds we limited since his zip disk was on the fritz, I think Pigpen used a zip disk to get his sounds on the keys way back when, so you know it’s time for Marty to invest in a new storage medium.  Nevertheless, I jest and it was good to have Marty there that night, he has played with us at our two Short Hills gigs.

Though they are tough to listen to due to the overloaded distortion, the songs are available at the following locations.