Do it for Dennis's sake.

These are links to the original Deadstein Jams pages.  The classic is from the era of the Front Page form submissions that worked so well until Front Page collapsed under the force of Deadstein.  It covers the era of July 1996 through October 2006.  A ten year period where Deadstein was blogging before the term was invented.  Go back and take a look because there is lots of great dialog. 

The Jams Database on Deadstein.com is the newer ASP based database of Jams, it simulates some of the classic stuff, but since moving from once web server to another several parts of the navigation are in disrepair.  Nevertheless, it’s a cool view with lots of nice artwork by Kevin being featured.

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  1. Bruce Tanis
    Mar 21, 2009 @ 06:20:19

    Hey Guys! Will the annual Langstein Dead Brothers Jam be posted on this site?

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