The Band

Deadstein’s first jam was on October 9, 1990 and the band, the institution of Deadstein has evolved into not much more than what it was back in 1990.  Nevertheless, it has been quite a trip with lots of people coming in and out of our feaky little universe.  We have had many people jam with us and many more that have just come to listen.   I think we love and appreciate them all and we thank everyone that have touched our lives through Deadstein.

Individual band members are below

Then we seem to have a wide variety of those that like to try to fill Jerry’s and Bob’s shoes.   A tall order but there is not shortage of those who try.  Me being one of them.  I assume I will be spelling everyone’s names wrong but here are our most prolific Jerrys.

  • Alan Deutch
  • Alan Wikler
  • Jason Fergerson
  • Andy Trister
  • Jeff Hennefeld

Then we had times and people to remember:

  • Larry Gindoff
  • Kevin Forrester
  • Larry Brent
  • Larry Menaker
  • Dave Schwartz
  • Jake
  • Dennis Persich
  • Johnny Long aka Johnny Pos aka Freakboy
The Rest
  • T. Therese Byrne
  • Poisey Poisungollo aka Tom Banjo
  • Reilly
  • Richie Havens
  • Benson
  • Dino
  • Tony Orlando
  • Phoenix the Overhead Projector Artist
  • The Midget
  • Mike Moskowitz
  • JC
  • Tennesee Jed
  • Jeremy
  • Stagger Lee
  • Kool & The Gang Guy
  • Snappy Snapungollo
  • Phyllis
  • Andrew Cohen
  • Steele
  • Hook Herrera
  • Jeff Hennefeld
  • Steele’s X Jerri
  • Johnny DePeche
  • Andy Fishkind
  • Devora
  • Rob & Dahlia Schwartz
  • Dave’s Maryland Cousins
  • Jordy Skopp
  • Paul Cohen
  • Laura Cohen
  • Paul’s friend Larry
  • Fortgang
  • Tommy Steegi & Robby Rockabutto
  • Jonathan Spitz
  • Scott Gibson
  • Rich Brotman
  • Andrew the Kind Flautist
  • Bill and Bill’s wife
  • Brand
  • Johnny Reisbaum aka “Spillboy”
  • Patrick the WWI guy
  • Ted
  • Peter the Drummer
  • CoffeeBoy
  • Howie Glatzer
  • Dentist with Jerry’s guitar
  • Infamous Jerry Look-Alike-Guy
  • Kevin’s Cousin Gail & Spike from Fla
  • Dave Berg
  • Gene Forman
  • Kwok Ming
  • Michee
  • Mohoko
  • Randi
  • Jason
  • The Weenz
  • Donny Hutcher
  • Penny Jones
  • Brenna
  • Andy Klein
  • Michael Carpetstein
  • Bill Siegel
  • Kevin Albinder
  • Bayside Alan Deutch
  • Bayside Russ the Drummer
  • Bayside John on Keys
  • Alan Winkler (Augest West)
  • Bill Sloan
  • Mike Katzman
  • The Chick who sang with us in Westbury
  • Brian Stormwind
  • Sandy & Tom
  • The Falz
  • Tefillin Ken
  • Brotpen’s 11 o’clock guy
  • The professional digital videographer guy (LeeJ)
  • The curly-haired tech from Carroll’s
  • Fernando from Smash
  • Ken Levine
  • Stu Singer
  • Kathy Trister
  • Jason’s friend Terry
  • Dan Trister’s Brother
  • Trister’s Friend Liz
  • Lance
  • C-Cat and the fleas
  • Sandy Feder
  • Rich Friedman
  • John Mclean “Carpetsteen”
  • Ron the Carpetsteen Drummer
  • Peter the Pseudo Guy
  • Rich Rothenberg
  • Grateful Ted
  • Jack Buonocore with the Tiger clone
  • Marc Sugarman (Joint Dragons)
  • Dr. Chris Law (Joint Dragons)
  • Bill the Guitarist (Joint Dragons)
  • Rob and Miriam
  • Scott Bayer
  • Ken the Dominos Guy and Phil the Vet
  • Lynn Elliot
  • Leo the Camera Guy
  • Lang
  • Carol our cell phone fan
  • Chris the manager from Carroll’s
  • Dan-Dan the Van Man

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. al d
    Nov 21, 2008 @ 19:14:11

    Yeah, Deutsch is spelled with an ‘S’…
    That said, playing with the Deadstein boys has been a lot of inspirational and improvisational fun!
    I love the idea so much I’m actually forming my own band:
    Hot Tunawitz.
    Rock On…

  2. scott
    Nov 23, 2008 @ 19:52:20

    Hot F*CKN’ Tunawitz……
    Rock Me Baby

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