Jam – 2013-11-06 – Carroll’s

ds131106On this night, Deadstein’s freaky circus materialized once again and featured a variety of offering, not usually available at Deadstein in the 21st century. The prime offering I speak of is the presence of Larry Brent, who came in with a newly setup Stratocaster and he put it to good use. Larry was there for the whole jam, singing many songs and playing lead guitar for most of the night. This left Alan and I to split to rhythm parts so with that stated, I decided to split us up on the recording the places us as far away from each other as I could. This put me on the far left with Alan on the far right. Now that I write it, I guess I should have been on the far right with Alan on the far left.

Besides Larry, we did have a few wandering guests in addition to our friend Michael who was there to enjoy us for the second half of the night. We have had bigger circuses in the past with more people, but I don’t think we ever had one with such a heavy concentration of circus activity. It was awe-inspiring and required tremendous concentration just to play while the circus was in town.

Speaking of playing, I did multi-track record this evening, with two full drum set as well as Larry’s voice and guitar. Donna was absent from the festivities. The recording sounds good and everything almost seemed to work. I had a couple of channels go out during the Box of Rain, but that was about it. For some reason, the closer of the night, Rhapsody in Red was not successfully captured as my data files for that song seemed corrupt. Nevertheless, it was the last song of the night, and Deadstein was definitely a cooked piece of toast by that point in the evening. Therefore, no real reason to freak out, so at this point I am providing a final Freak Out!

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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  1. Gary
    Nov 21, 2013 @ 20:53:20

    nice terrapin station! whoever is singing sounds great!

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