Jam – 2011-11-09 – Montanas

With Carroll’s not having a room for Deadstein to play we were on the road once again trying to find a place that can take us.  Rich suggested this studio, Montana’s at the corner of 56th and 11th to try out.  It cost about what Carroll’s does, is in the same vicinity and also has a very cool staff which helped us get set up and comfortable.  This is definitely the the second best place to play when Carroll’s isn’t available.  In many respect it could even be better than Carroll’s.

Playing in new digs we didn’t have any guests but we did have a substitute for Alan which was Larry Brent.  This meant was going to have the luxury of playing Bob all night while Larry carried the lead.  That’s how it went and it worked well.  The one lesson I learned from the night at Montana’s was to never get caught between Kevin and his amp.  That is no-man’s land and I found myself stuck in it all night long.  Additionally, I never felt comfortable with the mix in the room all night long.  I had trouble hearing my vocals, Rich’s key’s and even my own guitar though all the equipment was good and of high quality.  I played out of a Matchless combo which was w very nice feeling and sounding amp.  All the other instruments also felt good.

One last mention about this jam was it was the night before we were to see Furthur at the Garden the next night.  It was pretty cool that most of the songs Furthur played in the first set at the Garden Deadstein covered the night before.  It was like we were channeling into their vibe.  It was cool to experience while at the show.  If you want to try to channel into Deadstein’s vibe from the night, check out the MP3s below:


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  1. Scott
    Nov 17, 2011 @ 22:05:17

    I say let’s book another jam at Montana’s, and tweak the room a bit. I think we all had the same issues. But, the room had a nice feel.

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