Jam – 2011-10-05 – Carroll’s

This was another fun week with several guests in the room to enjoy us, so that always gets us inspired.  In addition to the standard-5, we had Larry Brent sitting in with us, assuming the responsibility for most of the Jerry work.  This combo has been working for us recently and tonight was no exception.  It was a big full night of music with lots of songs.

As usual, the night starts strong but wanes as we all give in to a bit of fatigue and we lose our focus.  Not a big deal because at least at some point we had some focus.  I can’t remember too much of the set or the guests as I am writing this about 10 days after the fact and we already played another jam subsequent to this one.  I do remember Michael and his entourage at the jam.  The setlist should speak for itself, because at this time I can’t speak for anything so here it is below:


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