Jam – 2012-01-25 – Carroll’s

With the Giants beating San Francisco last week in overtime and heading to the Superbowl last week, I decided to keep up the superstitious tradition of writing the weekly Deadstein  jam posting on Sunday morning.  It has worked for the last several weeks and I hoping it bring me the Lombardi Trophy home next Sunday.

For this week at Deadstein, Alan was once again not available so Larry Brent decided t0o join us and play the Jerry parts, leaving me with Bob for the night.  It was a fun positive night filled with good and bad moments.  I think we half-assed ourselves into several songs, which didn’t help anything along.  I think we need to focus on playing a song  with gusto and purpose when we play it and not rely so much on the non-existent vibe to propel us forward.  We all have to remember that vibe live within us and with paying it’s due respect to the vibe, it’s no going to help you.

I don’t recall any guests in the room for the night, so it was just us 5 chickens but once again, it was good to play with LLB.  In the world, I have been trying really hard to get the new version of the book done.  As of last night, I think I finalized the song list, adding 3 new songs yesterday. 2 by request and 1 by maturity.  I added King Bee, Money Honey and Far From Me as the last 3 songs of the book, so these new songs combined with the other new songs added, combined with the the sections of music added (end of Eyes, Terrapin, etc.), combined with improvement in many songs’ tablature, combined with  size increases where possible in font size, combined with improved look by print and copy publishing (thanks to Kevin and his HP 5L), combined with greatness of the existing book, combined with new online individual PDFs of each song (coming soon), will all make Jerry Garcia Songbook, Version 8 the best yet.  Look at the online whole PDF here: (Song Page)

If you just want the songs, which isn’t the best yet, you can find them below.


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  1. Brotpen
    Jan 30, 2012 @ 01:52:27

    Hold the presses. There’s an error on the chart of Black Muddy River. The first three lines of each verse are not the same chords. The book says “3x”. The first and third lines of each verse are the same: A D A. The second line is different: A D. I was working on it with a singer and bass player here in Denver, and the bass player called my attention to the issue.

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