Jam – 2012-11-05 – Carroll’s

After missing a week of Deadstein due to Super Storm Sandy which impacted almost very one, Deadstein was ready to go on this Monday night before election day. It was great that everyone was able to make the jam and to continue on with the Deadstein in the wake of this terrific storm that is the most significant thing to hit NY since we endured 9-11, just over 11 years ago.

It wasn’t so much how we played as much as the fact that we played at all, and as such, the attainment of our 20-song goal was not on my mind. We were going along pretty slow, we didn’t get an early start, and I didn’t think there was too much hope for prolific song playing. Nevertheless, I pushed a bit, got an extra song or two at then end of the sets an may have turned out a nice song list in the end.

At some point during the second set we started toward some Beatles songs which were played better than could have been expected. There were some good moments in the Beatles segment of the night, including some songs that we typically do not play. The Deal to close the night was a good capper to get us back tour roots.

I do not recall any guests for the night with the exception of Scott Bayer, who I will no longer consider a guest when he shows up, so as far as the humans go, it was just the six of us.

I played the first set with a Mesa Lone Star amp which initially sounded good but gave me too may concerns to continue to the second set. For the second set I selected the remaining Fender Twin. Lee had this really nice looking drums set with really nice rich grained wood. I do not think I have seen that kit to date. Finally, for being good clients of Carroll’s, they provided us with the new Jony Ive designed Hercules guitar stands. These could be one of the coolest pieces of equipment I have ever seen.

So with the jam on Monday and the impacts of Hurricane Sandy just in our fresh memories getting gas on the way home was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. The fact I was getting into my neighborhood at 1am enabled me to fill my car with gas. An issue which would dissipate by the next day but a blessing nevertheless. Next time we play will be after I am back from my Texas vacation in Austin, so it is great to schedule Deadstein without missing a jam during my week away. I usually cannot wait to play next, but writing this posting on an airplane makes me want to hold off of a little longer. See you then.


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