Jam – 2012-10-25 – Carroll’s

Thinking it was October 26 that we were jamming on, I thought it was a great opportunity to play the Radio City Show from that night in 1980, 32 years ago.  Alan had the same thought and came into the jam saying that it would be good to jam on the anniversary show from Radio City but it seemed as if we had played most of those songs recently, so it probably wouldn’t work.  I had downloaded the MP3s onto my iPhone to listen to the show on the way in and thought the song selection worked for this week.  I was puzzled but then my stupidity was resolved when I realized today was the 25th and not the 26th.  That  was a dilemma; do we play the right day, wrong songs, or wrong day, right songs?  We chose right songs, wrong day.

As I presumptuously assume we all know, those Radio City show featured an acoustic first set.  That was a little bonus and challenge for us; not that we were going to be acoustic, but it is a bevy of additional songs.  It think it was a pretty good night but the fact that I’m writing this 3 week after the fact, you are gonna have to take a listen for yourself.  Check out the MP3s below.


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