Jam – 2012-11-15 – Carroll’s


With a visit to my sister’s home in Austin, TX over the previous week, I had not played any guitar nor thought too much about Deaadstein, Grateful Dead, etc. for the previous week. Though, I didn’t miss a week of Deadstein, it felt like I did and I wasn’t quite ready for the jam. I also had a swollen, jammed left index finger, pardon the pun, but I was hoping the new strings and the power of the jam would get me through the night. Of course it did as I had no other choice.

When I got there, I discovered that Scott was fortunate enough to have scored a ticket to a dream show of his with Warren, Greg Allman and Peter Frampton playing at an exclusive cancer fundraiser. He donned a suit and left us for the second half to get to that show at the Armory. For the second half, Ryan picked up the sticks and sat on Scott’s stool. Additionally, we had Donna D sing a Sing which she referred to as the Muppet song. That was our highlight as that song usually becomes. It’s such a happy song and thought.

For the rest of the night we started with a tribute to Shakedown Street as the album was released on this day sometime in the late 70’s. It was a good muse anyway for the night. Alan was late and missed the Good Lovin and most of Shakedown but joined us from there on.

As far as guests, in addition to the ones previously mentioned, we had Maggie and Steve and several others at the end of the night. They urged us to play and additional song at the end of the night which resulted in the U.S. Blues.

By the second set, I think my weak knees were getting wobbly as my sense of time was diminishing. I was having strange juxtapositions of temporal elements undulating through the music-time continuum. Needless to say, this impacted something and there were real problems with the Gloria, Eyes as other moments. You take it all in, learn from your mistakes and come back next week to enjoy screwing up once again. That’s why you have to go to every show.

To hear what we did, check out the MP3 links below.


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