Jam – 2012-10-18 – Carroll’s

With Kno Juan to join us I was the only guitarist for the night, but in contrast to last week, we for the most part stuck with Grateful Dead as opposed to the Jerry Garcia Band.  With did a nice fill of the peppier songs like Uncle, River and Cumberland.  I threw in the very surprising Sailor Saint to close the first set which had its manic ups and downs as it usually does.  With the beautiful autumn weather I have been taking advantage of kayaking and have been preoccupied in the processing my photos.  I therefore haven’t had time to attend to this posting.

As far as guests, we had Rich’s friend Lauren early in the evening and Ryan, Steve and Lindsey joined us for the rest.  It think that was about it.  Ryan did play a couple of songs with us

Somehow, after the set break we meandered into a Dark Star to start the second set.  We then got our feet back on the ground with the Samson which I recall a great drum ending to.  The Eyes of the Maker was a struggle to contain but we let go a bit thereafter with the Playing –> Shakedown –> Playing.  It didn’t seem it at the time, but we did get through about 22 songs so it was quite prolific..  The hear any of it, go to the links below:


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  1. Scott
    Oct 25, 2012 @ 08:40:20

    Not only can The Gind play a mean guitar, but his photo talent is evident in the image above.

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