Jam – 2012-05-21 – Carroll’s

 In a rare occurrence for this time of year, we got all six guys together for the week’s jam.  Being a Monday night, it should have meant that we are all refreshed and ready from the weekend.  This was not the case with me as I didn’t have a setlist selected nor did I have a theme to play.  Then it came to us that with the passing of Robin Gibb this week we decided to open with the Grateful Dead’s homage to the Bee Gee, and the Disco era; Shakedown Street.  This got us going down the road and and we never turned back.  We played the Far From Me the previous week and I wanted to try to keep it fresh but it was one of the low points of the night as it was a tough one for us.   With respect to the Birdsong we made a concerted effort not to fall into the Other One trap and it made for a much more interesting Birdsong for it.  Much like the Far From Me the Saint Stephen was tough in that it was rutier than I had suspected and I traded in my WD-40 for some duct tape and got stuck.  I think the looseness of the subsequent Woman Are Smarted got us going again.  We tried the late Morning Dew and as usual it was a disaster as we don’t have the patience and fortitude to play the song, but this is true with most of our songs.  Settling in, getting comfortable and saving something for the end of the song when it really counts is not our forte and a major weakness of us and it rears its ugly head most obviously during what should be a simple and enjoyable Morning Dew.  After that Dew we were Don’t and the rest was grizzle.

Next week we play the Tuesday after Memorial Day.  With Scottie Boy in Sedona getting sucked up into the cosmic vortex greased by Patron, we will be playing with Stagger solo; first time since he joined us a couple of months ago.  We have a special setlist prepared for that night so freak out and enjoy the ensuing summer.

To hear what we played go to the MP3 links below:


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