Jam – 2012-05-29 – Carroll’s

This week Scott was on vacation in Sedona and we decided to let Lee earn his stripes and drum solo for Deadstein.  Other than Scott being away the rest of us were there to support Lee’s effort.  I selected a setlist based on song Lee requested and had a nice night of music set for us to play.  We began from a Dead start and entered into a mini Jerry Garcia Band set  in the middle of the first set.  The second set was filled with a bunch of individual songs.  While for the most part the night was filled with individual, non-jammy songs, when we had an opportunity to jam we took it and it made for some very gratifying moments.

The night started a bit weak as Kevin as having bi-amp issues but once we got into the GarBand mode, it propelled us to comfort.   Carroll’s set up two drum kits by accident, so Lee seized the opportunity and grabbed all he could from the unused kit and created one giant dream-kit.  I have to say the drumming was good all night long.  We had the smaller Mackie PA, but I don’t think it was too much of an issue.  As far as guests we had Steve and Lindsey and Scott Bayer showed up at then end of the night.  A good night that felt like a Monday but was actually a Tuesday.  Next week may be tough to assemble so we have to hold on a find out what is our future.  Stay tuned and freak out.

To hear what we did, go to the MP3s below:


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