Jam – 2012-05-07 – Carroll’s


This Monday night jam was like the tale of 2 jams, and both tales were good stories. This week we were scheduled to have everyone back in the studio with the addition of Andy Trister for the first set. For the second set we jumped right in and played a pretty second setty type of first set. I think we were on for the most part and had a very good jam with Andy. While writing this about a week after the jam I do not recall too much about the night except the Music Never Stopped was a killer version and a great way to end our set with Andy. The typical Brokedown to end his segment of the night was all he wrote and he was out of there.We took a little break and and embarked upon our much different feeling and sounding second set. Before we get into it, we only had Stevie as a guest for the night, leaving his entourage behind to miss out of the goodness they we provided. Scott Bayer also showed up for the end of the second set. Lee asked for a little playing of the Truckin’ style jamming for the second set and that got us going down a road that led us to a hot second set and a complete evening of music.

The Truckin’, He’s Gone, Other One was a very natural feeling lineup but the surprise trip into the Dark Star was probably a stunner to most and was the first Dark Star we have played with Lee drumming with us. This led us into some other surprising choices including the Death Don’t Have No Mercy and quick Me and My Uncle and back into the Other One. The transitions were so fast during this part of the night, no one had a chance to complain about the Me and My Uncle. Whart Rat and Sugar Magnolia were fitting closers to the set that provided us the energy to finish strong. Even the encore of Werewolves of London felt good.

While the entire night had a bifurcated feel to it, the entirety of it all was a complete feeling of satisfaction that drive you to showing up once more time. Can’t wait to do it oe more time and freak out.

If you want to hear the music from last week feel free to click on links to the MP3s uploaded by Rich.


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