Jam – 2009-07-16 – Carrolls



We were playing Wednesday night this week and were scheduled to Jam with Bayside Al, but a last minute remembrance meant he was out.  Jason was clutch enough to be available at the last moment, on a night that’s typically tough for him, and we were off to play.  Nothing new or special and the only guest we had was Scott “Live from Hell’s Kitchen” Bayer and the dozen donuts brought in by Jason.  Let’s us not forget the great big Smarties that Jason found somewhere.  Those were pretty darn good.



DCC_0704_edited-1We got in a couple of songs while Jason was gettng ready including a How Sweet It Is followed by a Ramble on Rose.  Kevin’s been listening to Fox Theater 5-19-77 and was in the mood to play some ’77 Dead so the Ramble on Rose it was.  Jason strapped it on and we did the Cassidy that went places we’ve never gone before.  Really solid stuff.  We struggled and never made it through the Big River but the Looks Like Rain and Desolation Row were top notch for us.  We also ended the night with what is probably the best Don’t Ease Me In.   Overall we played pretty well this night and it was satisfying and not tiring.

If you want to give it a listen, the links to the MP3s are provided below.

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