Jam – 2009-07-06 – Carroll’s

Carolling From Carrolls to Carol

Carolling From Carrolls to Carol

It was a Monday night jam due to my first Tuesday of the month meeting but at least meant no traffic and easy parking.  It also meant Jason was available and there to play with us.  As far as guests that where there to join us, we had Robert Think Space, Miriam Welby, Scott Bayer and Leo Video Lawrence.  The first two boogied a bit to our Johnny Be Goode giving us a little inspiration to give it a little effort.  It was pretty exciting and in addition, thanks for the beer.  It was an Amstel. I got there early and met Kevin and we discussed my pursuit of a pickup truck to replace my aging VW Jetta which embarasses Kevin for me every time he sees it.


We got one song in, Aiko-Aiko, as the Core-4 before Jason got there and that just got us warmed up enough to be ready to rock when he got there. I recall some really good stuff but I especially liked the sweetness of the sing me back home.  Kevin hit the end of the Sugar Magnolia perfectly for the first time since we restructured it 6 months ago.  That was nice to hear.  I think the PA sounded pretty good, not great this week, so hopefully the recording is also a little better.


Thanks to Rich for recording the night and a link to the MP3s is provided below, or just listen to individual songs linked below.



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  1. Brotpen
    Jul 08, 2009 @ 11:18:23

    Leo Video a.k.a. Leo Lawrence, videography/photography, http://www.go4picture037.com

  2. Scott
    Jul 11, 2009 @ 08:44:39

    Check out Levon Helm doing Tennessee Jed on Letterman:
    Great Stuff

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