Jam – 2009-07-22 – Carroll’s

IMG_0008_edited-1This was another crazy night and I am now relying on my new iPhone to post this night’s jam using a free WordPress app.  Well I typed the first sentence on it but went to my new Acer Aspire One mini netbook to complete it.  These are two new amazing pieces of gadgetry in my life and I found the iPhone distracting as I played since I was thinking about it all night.  I just picked it up at 5:00 just prior to the jam.

It wasn’t just the electronics that was distracting, we had a virtual full house with 5 guests in addition to the five of us including Jason.  As far as guests we had sock-hoppy and dangerous with an egg Rob and Miriam as well as Scott’s friend Phil the vet and his friend Ken.  Of course we had Deadstein crier Scott Bayer who also showed up.


We got 4 and a half songs in before Jason joined us who came in like a storm and left within seconds for butts and coffee.  The he found his way back into the jam and played all the way through 11:52 at night where we ended with around and around.  I appreciate the fact he came directly from the airport to get to the jam.

Rob spilled G-d knows how many beers and it smelled like a college dorm by the end of the night.  Nevertheless, it looked like he was having the time of his life and how much more could we want from a Deadstein jam.

I recall some good moments in an interesting Dancing in the Streets jam.  We had mostly good moments and jams and enjoyed some explorations in jams including the Dacing, China Cat and I sure a few others.

If you want to hear the music it is here below:


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  1. Rob Rosenberg
    Jul 23, 2009 @ 17:09:31

    sure, blame spilling the beer on the blind guy. Only place i spilled beer was in my pie hole.

    had a great time once again. Thanks guys!

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