Jam 2009-03-31 Carroll’s

dcc_0890_edited-1This was a big Tuesday night jam where we had many more guests than usual. That usually puts us on our best behavior and for the most part we played well, though we may not have played too many songs.  As far as guests we had Scott Bayer, our current Freakboy, Stu, Ken Levine and like 3 or four other people who I don’t really know.    Jason brought along his ’83 tour buddy Craig.  It seemed they enjoyed us.  By 11:00pm, it was just the four of us as Jason left early with Craig who had to catch an early train home.

As far as the group we had Jason on lead with his Travis and these rest of us were like the Professor and Mary-Ann.  Jason had his modded Q-tron and opened with the Feel Like a Stranger and closed with the Estimated Prophet so we made good use of the box.  Highlights from my recallection include the Morning Dew, Hurts me Too, Stella Blue.  Scott and Jason we on cloud-9 after getting into the Dead show at the Roseland.  A very cool experience.


Better late than never, Rich got around to posting the MP3s from this night in mid April.  The show is available at:

https://deadstein.wordpress.com/ or just listen to the setlist below:


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