Jam 2009-04-06 Carroll’s

 img_2953It was a Monday night in Carroll’s for another Baysidestein type of night.  We were in the cozy Studio #2 and Chris from Carroll’s was there early to make sure everything was okay.  Well at the time standing around the piano everything was okay, if you know what I mean, but as soon as we started to plug-in and chug along, a lot needed fixing.  I was having cable issues and played direct all night. Kevin sounded like he blew a speaker, he blew a battery and Bayside Mitch couldn’t get his Martin to play, that was all worked out in the end.

img_2947_edited-1We were a six man band including Bayside Al on guitar and Bayside Russell on drums.  We had lots of fun and sounded good through the night.  The only guest that I recall was Scott Bayer and he didn’t bring his harmonica this week.

I hope Rich will be able to post the song but I recall playing the following, Feel Like a Stranger, Simple Twist of Fate, Around and Around, Wharf Rat, Looks Like Rain.  There was an Eyes of the World where I was playing drums and Russ was playing Mitch’s acoustic.  There was Scott’s soulful Box of Rain where he was able to sing while letting Russell play drums alone.


I don’t recall that we played many songs and we took many breaks.  I brought in a bottle of wine and I thank Kevin for the cork screw and cups.  That helped.  For the record it was a jt cellars 2006 petite sirah out of lodi, CA.  I hadn’t had a petite sirah since my trip to Napa 15 years ago and I remembered I liked it then and I enjoyed it last night.  It was fruity and easy to drink.  Bold and purple.   If anyone wants to keep up with wine drinking you can follow it on my wine blog at http://lgwine.wordpress.com.  In addition, I also brought in my preponderance of the candy and almonds.  The almonds are going quickly these days.  Maybe a little prune juice, cottage cheese and toast will be good for next jam.

If you want to hear the recordings of the songs we played go to the link below:




I was also telling some people of my recent kayak adventures, so if you want to follow that please check out http://lgkayak.wordpress.com.  Of course, don’t forget about my dogs blogs athttp://scrapsrags.wordpress.com.


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  1. deadstein
    Apr 13, 2009 @ 08:12:54

    Rich just uploaded the MP3s from the 3-31-2009 jam, so take a listen

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