Jam March 24, 2009 Carroll’s

dcc_0503_edited-1It was Wednesday night and I hauled my ass into the jam despite suffering from a bad cold over the previous 4 or 5 days.  It was a night I was trying  not to sing too many songs and it felt like I sang plenty.  Actually, my throat wasn’t killing me too badly until the Gloria at then end of the night.  I shouldn’t have tried that one.  I’ll be interested in seeing how many songs I ended up singing.  There were many good moments.  We had Jason on guitar and Scott Bayer and his new teeth played his C harmonica, though we never played a song in C.  Good thing I turned the extra microphone off immediately.  There were no other guests as Rich, Scott, Kevin and I filled out the band. 

The music posted by Rich is available at the following link:


I got there pretty early and had a Daisey Mae for the first time in quite a while.  Gotta say the dry-rub ribs were a bit disappointing, but the sweet tea felt good on my troat all night long.  Speaking of which, the leftovers are burning in my toaster over as we blog.  I got to go.




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