Jam March 18, 2009 Carroll’s

dcc_0243_edited-1This was a jam in Studio #3 at Carroll’s where we were planning on having a mini Bayside reunion with Alan on guitar and Coffee on drums.   Half way through the day Kevin had to bail on the jam so with our Bayside contingent already in place, it was easy, so it seems to add, Bayside Mitch as the 3rd Baysider.  It was Bayside-stein and it was a lot of fun.  So it was 6 of us in the big room but we were able to feel a little small at points.  Actually for a little at the beginning, we were 7 and for the most part it was a Deadstein first to jam with a horn player. Al brought his Luddite friend Howard the horn player to jam with us.  It was also fun.  Mitch played well and it was great that he was able to make it on such short notice.  It usually took him a few measures to get the groove but once it happened we made real music.  It was good I was able to lend him my book for most of the night.


We started the jam with a jam in E that I transitioned into Minglewood that worked well, but I made the mistake of setting up the PA thinking Howard was channel #2 when he was really #1 and I was #2, but the point being that I had my gain turned way down on my mic accidental and when I sang the Minglewood I blew my voice out for the rest of the night,  I paying for it today with a sore throat.  I spent some time showing Al some Shakedown things before we played and it turned out to be a pretty good song.

I thought Coffee and Scott really grooved well showing an extraordinarily amount of patience on some of the slow songs like the Simple Twist of Fate.  I hope we get the music because it was nice but I heard both Mitchell and Rich discussing issues with their recording setups.  Mitch was forgetting to hit record and Rich was hoping his batteries would last the jam.

You can find this weeks music in MP3 format at the following link or just put your cursor over the song links below and use WordPress’ built in streaming music  player.  Thanks to Rich for recording and posting these files.





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  1. Scott
    Mar 22, 2009 @ 20:54:18

    Thanks to our Baysidestein friends. I had a blast’

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