Jam – 2014-05-14 – Montana Studios

ds140514Carroll’s sold us out to Carnegie Hall, those low-lifes, and we had to find our way to another home for the night. Montana Studio’s just a block away on 11th at 56th street was our answer.

Montana Studio was more comfortable than most places on the road, but it is still on the road. We only had one drum kit and a conga/latin-drum setup for the second drummer. It wasn’t ideal but got us through the night. Scott really liked the amplified kick drum he had in his monitor. The rest of the acoustics for the night were challenged. Rich had his usual frustrations trying to play and electronic instrument. Kevin’s was right in front of Rich to make matters worse as he couldn’t get himself loud enough in the monitors without feedback. I had a pretty good Twin Reverb, with Master knob, so I wasn’t concerned with anyone’s issues and kept my head down and tried to play. I was having my own issues of trying to play well. Makes you really want to get back home. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-05-07 – Carroll’s

ds140507Big jam with everyone in attendance. We had a real first set and an big segueing second set. Rich sent out half-ass charts of Ringo’s It Don’t Come Easy and I practiced it a bit at home and we did a fun rendition of it. The King Bee is a rarity for us and was also a nice version. The close the end of the night we did the Comfortably Numb which I hit better that usual in the lead department. Time to Freak Out

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Jam – 2014-04-30 – Carroll’s

ds140430I do believe it’s gonna rain today. On a night with torrential down pours we played many-a-song in the comfort of Carroll’s Studio B. It was our first Midnight Rambler though Alan didn’t have a harmonica in the correct key for it. Some seemed excited about the Help on the Way Slip Knot thing-of-a-ma-jig, but it was a slop-fest. The rains were hard and there was lots of flooding and on the way home I encountered a giant puddle on a highway ramp and tore off a plastic guard on the bottom of my Honda Fit. I had to limp home but fortunately, it was only a $72 part. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-04-24 – Carroll’s

ds140424With Alan due on an early flight to Turks and Cacaos in the morning, he was only good for the first set of the jam. With that in mind, we decided to start with a bit of a jammy number, Eyes of the World, to make sure Alan was able to experience some jamming before he had to go. This went into the Black Throated Wind and we were off for the night. We followed with our inaugural version of Fat’s Domino’s I’m Walkin’ which Rich had charted out and provided to us. This had a pretty nice sound to it. Things began to normalize a bit thereafter with the Queen Jane and Loose Lucy, though both seemed to be good versions. We picked up the pace thereafter as we assaulted a very quickly played Cumberland Blues. This version seemed so quick that I had to abandon playing the 70’s Cumberland riff and I had to right to the 80’s Cumberland riff. I think this was a wise decision as we were able to keep up the frantic pace throughout the song.

After such a sprint we needed a bit a breather which was provided by the So Many Roads. The set ended in a fairly traditional, yet hot, manner with the Minglewood Blues, Friend of the Devil and Let It Grow closer. All were played well with power and passion. Alan had a few more minutes to kill before he had to leave, so we embarked on performing the Band Ophelia, once again with Scott singing.

For the second set, I figured we would try some of the Beatles music we had been working on. They Hey Bulldog was drastically better than previous versions as was the Dig a Pony. We seemed to be going strong as a quality Althea followed. Things we slowed down a bit with the Hurts Me Too and Night They Drove ol’ Dixie Down. After putting up with those two dirges, I figured Kevin needed to be rewarded with some rewarding music, so we did the last Lost Sailor Saint. Apparently, the dirges took their toll on Kevin as his cramps hit him hard, not enabling him to survive the Lost Sailor and his trip to the bathroom would be the last we would see or hear from Kevin for the rest of the night. In typical Deadstein fashion, we didn’t give a shit and continued to play on without Kevin while he tried to give a shit. We closed out with the Bright Side of the Road, since Kevin wasn’t there to object, the Beatles Across the Universe and a Music Never Stopped to symbolize our situation and to put a worthwhile cap o the evening. For Kevin and Alan this jam was a Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-04-02 – Carroll’s

ds140402Wednesday night once again at Carroll’s and this week the entire band was back and ready to jam. We had no guests. We didn’t really have an agenda or a setlist to play, but it being April gave me a desire to think 1982. This resulted in a Jack Straw Love Each Other opener, which is always a positive beginning. Actually, the aggressiveness of the Jack Straw gave it more of a 1980 feel, April fools for those counting, than a 1982 Jack Straw.

As we worked our way through the first set, we eventually came to the point that it was time to try the two new Band songs we did last week; Ophelia and It Makes No Difference. These two songs, much like last week were fun to play and you do realize what great songs they are. After we completed these two songs we decided to try the When the Levee breaks with me playing bass and Kevin playing guitar. I had a drum-loop of the songs to use to get us started, and after a minute we turned it off and were off to the races. Ten minutes later we were done with the jam, honoring it by doing our best on it. From that jam, we headed into a Other One jam to end the set in the April Fools configuration a few minutes before the 10 o’clock set closing time.

We ended the first set early, did what we had to do during half time and launched into a second set. Hey Pocky Way was the way we would open, the go into a more traditional up tempo Terrapin –> Playing –> China Doll for the bulk of the second set. We Black Peter –> Around and Around is how we thought of the second half of the second set should close. The tie a bow on the evening, we try to pull off an Attics of My Life and it was about as good as we can do and we closed with another attempts at the Beatles Dig a Pony, which seems to get better each time we play it.

This week I arrived early and went out to the deli for a sandwich before the jam. I also got a few slices of pepper Jack cheese to go along with the bottle of Australian Pinot Noir I brought in. It was a nice touch for the night. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-03-27 – Carroll’s

ds140327Alan called out sick this week and missed our breakout of two Band songs; Ophelia and It Makes No Difference. It was nice to hear Scott take up the Levon throne and belt out the inaugural Ophelia. This was satisfyingly good as well was the It Makes No Difference.

Kevin was having some technical issues with his bass rig and substituted a fender Twin for the failing amp he was using for his upper tones. Freak Out!

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