Jam – 2014-03-20 – Carroll’s

ds140320Scott is away so Lee plays the solo drums kit. Alan’s friend was our only guest for the night and he was there for the entire second set. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-03-13 – Carroll’s

ds140313 Six of us there for another 2-Track recording. This night we played tribute to the Madison Square Garden shows from 3/9/81 and 3/10/81. I have always considered 3/9/81 to the show that turned me into a Deadhead, because it was in those guitar leads from that night where I realized the greatness of Jerry Garcia. The next night’s show from 3/10 was Lee’s first show. For this night of Deadstein we decided to try to mash up both shows into one Deadstein jam. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-03-06 – Carroll’s

ds140306Six of us there for another 2-Track recording. Lots of songs without any. Not much to say then and not much to say now. Wow. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-02-26 – Carroll’s

ds140226It being February 26, Deadstein took the opportunity to “play homage” to the great Swing Auditorium show from this very evening 37 years ago. It was a great show that both premiered and opened with a Terrapin Station as well as premiering Estimated Prophet. Also featuring a great Minglewood, Playing Wheel Playing first set closer and a second set filled with Help Slip Franklins, Music, Eyes, Dancing and so much more, this Swing Auditorium show was a 100% pure Angus beef.

Unfortunately for us, by bum ankle is keeping me from multi-tracking and Rich’s MP3 recorder is pale in comparison. Then again, if you don’t hit the record button, it doesn’t matter how bad it is. Rich didn’t hit the record for the first four songs, so we pick up the recording starting with the Sugaree and it goes for the rest of the night. It is too bad because we played the beginning of the night pretty well

Larry Brent, the day after his birthday joined us for the night bringing his newly setup blond Strat and a new 1997 Strat he recent acquired. Other guests included LeeJ for a few seconds as he is requesting Deadstein play his wedding later on this summer. Also in attendance was Howie Weiner who we discussed GarBand, the Swing and his new book, which he gave Scott and I a copy of.

In the world as the Oscars are coming up Harold Ramos just passed away as did Jim Lange at the Dating Game. The more things change the more they stay the same. Freak Out!

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Jam – 2014-02-18 – Carroll’s

ds140218The winter of 2014 has been a very difficult one for the entire east coast but Deadstein typically prevails and finds its way to jam no matter what. With a jam scheduled for Thursday, February 13 and a big 24-hour snow storm brewing for our area, this week’s jam would prove to be very difficult to pull off. As a matter of fact, a few days earlier, I had slipped off my stoop and sprained my ankle and my abilities to make it to the jam in even good weather would have been questionable. The plus 12″ of snow just prior to the Thursday jam pretty much decided the fate of Deadstein for the week, which was an extremely rare cancelation. This was some how good for me, because with the condition of my leg, I don’t think I would have made the Feb. 13 jam.

With Deadstein canceled for a week, we were all ready to get back on our horse and attack a jam on the next available Tuesday, February 18. I was still recovering from my fall and hobbled into Deadstein, but lugging in and setting up the taping equipment was definitely out of the question, just standing up and playing would be hard enough.

I stood and played for the first set but I would pay for that in the days to come as the bottom of my foot really began to throb with the music and continued for the next several days. The combination of moving at work and jamming with Deadstein was a bit more than my injured foot should have bared. For the second set I was I little smarter and sat in a chair while I played, which happened to be very comfortable. Something to look forward to as I age.

Unfortunately, this ended a nice long streak of multi-track recording for us and we had to accept the recording from Rich’s 2-track MP3 recorder as opposed to the multi-track recordings I had been producing. Not too big of a deal as we have lots of high quality material to look back upon.

The music at times felt very good including the opening Bertha. we followed with another couple of songs that began with “B” including the rarely performed Bight Side of the Road. This was not an evening with a typical first set/second set but was more of a melange. We had the first set Sailor Saint and a Peter to close the first set. The highlight of the second set was the big That’s It For the Other One which was a good version for us. After that, we got through a Mission in the Rain, but the remainder of the night was not much to write home about.

Although, the night could have been better, it was still great to get out and jam, no matter how much pain I was in. I cannot wait to do it one more time. Until that time comes, Freak Out!


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Jam – 2014-02-05 – Carroll’s

ds140205With the entire band in the house and ready to jam, we hit this night hard with a 22-song assault on the setlist. While we had not preconceived notions about what to play for the night, we started with a fairly traditional Grateful Dead set including the Alabama Getaway opener and 12 songs later, concluding with the Music Never Stopped set closer.

The Scarlet into Hard to Handle was a nice long endeavor into the second set, but it was disrupted by the Masterpiece, which may have been one of our best numbers of the night. The Crazy Fingers lead into a drum solo which seemed to knock Kevin out. When it was time to get back into playing music after drums Kevin was AWOL. I traditional Deadstein fashion, we went on without Kevin and the bass for the post drums segment of Going Down the Road and One More Saturday Night. I dubbed in a bass part at home for these two songs to provide a deep sound to the songs. Somehow, Kevin struggled to make it back for the last tree songs, but he did make it back and we finished the night on a positive note. The entire evening was captured using my Mackie MDR 24/96 multi-track recorder. Freak Out!

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