Jam – 2014-04-24 – Carroll’s

ds140424With Alan due on an early flight to Turks and Cacaos in the morning, he was only good for the first set of the jam. With that in mind, we decided to start with a bit of a jammy number, Eyes of the World, to make sure Alan was able to experience some jamming before he had to go. This went into the Black Throated Wind and we were off for the night. We followed with our inaugural version of Fat’s Domino’s I’m Walkin’ which Rich had charted out and provided to us. This had a pretty nice sound to it. Things began to normalize a bit thereafter with the Queen Jane and Loose Lucy, though both seemed to be good versions. We picked up the pace thereafter as we assaulted a very quickly played Cumberland Blues. This version seemed so quick that I had to abandon playing the 70’s Cumberland riff and I had to right to the 80’s Cumberland riff. I think this was a wise decision as we were able to keep up the frantic pace throughout the song.

After such a sprint we needed a bit a breather which was provided by the So Many Roads. The set ended in a fairly traditional, yet hot, manner with the Minglewood Blues, Friend of the Devil and Let It Grow closer. All were played well with power and passion. Alan had a few more minutes to kill before he had to leave, so we embarked on performing the Band Ophelia, once again with Scott singing.

For the second set, I figured we would try some of the Beatles music we had been working on. They Hey Bulldog was drastically better than previous versions as was the Dig a Pony. We seemed to be going strong as a quality Althea followed. Things we slowed down a bit with the Hurts Me Too and Night They Drove ol’ Dixie Down. After putting up with those two dirges, I figured Kevin needed to be rewarded with some rewarding music, so we did the last Lost Sailor Saint. Apparently, the dirges took their toll on Kevin as his cramps hit him hard, not enabling him to survive the Lost Sailor and his trip to the bathroom would be the last we would see or hear from Kevin for the rest of the night. In typical Deadstein fashion, we didn’t give a shit and continued to play on without Kevin while he tried to give a shit. We closed out with the Bright Side of the Road, since Kevin wasn’t there to object, the Beatles Across the Universe and a Music Never Stopped to symbolize our situation and to put a worthwhile cap o the evening. For Kevin and Alan this jam was a Freak Out!

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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