Jam – 2013-11-13 – Carroll’s

ds131113For the second week in a row, a surprise former Deadstein lead guitar player, came into Studio B to join the band of freak. Last week it was Larry Brent, and this week we were fortunate to be accompanied by Andy Trister. He missed the first two songs, but was a major presence in our music through halfway through the second set. That was good to see, because Andy usually bolts after set 1 and his talents were definitely appreciated during the Eyes, Estimated He’s Gone that he stuck around for during the second set. In a weak attempt to keep Andy playing, Rich rushed into a Hard to Handle out of the He’s Gone, but it wasn’t enough to entice Andy to stay. As a matter of fact, I assume that encouraged him to leave quicker than he would have otherwise. When Andy pulls off a successful He’s Gone, then He’s really gone for good and nothing’s gonna bring him back> He’s gone was a good launching point for Andy as it was really good. I really liked the sound and feel of the He’s Gone as it was nice and relaxed, much like the Oh Babe It Ain’t No Lie for the first set.

I was lucky enough to have an extra microphone and channel in order to capture Andy’s music and the recording are really enjoyable to listen to. Andy was really instrumental in getting us through a Hell In a Bucket which we really need him to provide those great melodic runs for. I am glad we decided to perform that one while he was there as I know I cannot carry the lead obligations on that rocker. The Mexicali was probably the weak point of the Trister songs, due to no fault of his. Too bad, because the song started well, but by the 2nd lead, it was in free-fall and not much fun to participate in. The Music Never Stopped to close the first set was a nice way to cap such a good set.

The end of the night tailed off as they usually do, leaving us to flounder playing a couple of Beatles songs, that we have no right to play, to close the night. In any case it is still a fun endeavor to try and when you fail, there is not reason to freak out, The only real time to freak out is at the end of a posting, so this Freak is out.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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