Jam – 2013-03-21 – Carroll’s

ds130321After the extended span of a Monday to the following Thursday, Deadstein was ready for action. It was Kevin’s birthday and you wouldn’t have know it. At least I didn’t, so happy birthday Kevin.

I just got back from my RV trip to South Carolina and back and still had the feelings of the Virginia Mountains and driving down south occupying my mind. We were again lucky enough to have the six of us there to play but found out Donna was sick so she wasn’t going to join us. This coupled with my trip, thanks for asking, influenced the song selection a bit. Saving some songs for when Donna gets better while selecting some that are good to get done because they don’t have any harmonies and don’t involve her for the most part.

The resulting setlists had a real first set/second set feel to them; exhibiting flow, dynamics and surprises. In the end, Alan proclaimed it to be his best jam to date while playing with Deadstein. That was quite a lofty statement and I am glad for him from his perspective, but I would go quite that far. Nevertheless, it was a real solid night of playing that was quite satisfying to the soul.

As far as guests, Steve was there and we congratulate him and Lindsay on their baby. Maggie and Ryan were also there and he sat in for a song or two. Scott had the kick drum that played itself and Kevin had some ultra-low sonic stuff going on. I don’t think I had anything special going on.

Rich has a backlog of recording to get through, so check back for the MP3s to come.  Nope, it looks like Rich handed them off to me and I uploaded them on 4/21/13.

The audio files are provided in the following folder:

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