Jam – 2013-03-11 – Carroll’s

ds130311A Monday night jam was on call for this week as I was scheduled to begin my inaugural RV vacation the following morning. It was perfect timing for me as I was also able to get everyone to agree to play the following Thursday, the night I get home. As I was already on vacation as of this jam, I was eager and ready to jam and I think this feeling permeated the band. I didn’t do any of the write up following the jam so there is little to recall. I do remember everyone being there and being on mark but more than that is difficult. I would just like to thank everyone for making the Deadstein book-ending my vacation a reality. See you on the Freakin’ rebound.

Rich has a nice backlog of music to get to, so I guess we need to keep checking back to listen to the MP3s from the even’s music.

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