Jam – 2012-01-11 – Carroll’s

For another week, I find myself here on a Sunday morning reflecting and writing about the Deadstein jam that occurred a few days ago.  Like the previous two weeks, I sit here writing with the Giants and playoff football on my mind.  Today, they are up in Green Bay for a very difficult challenge against the Packers at their home field, but after beating the Falcons last week at home, the Giants have with a little bit of hope.  I need a miracle; we will see at 4:30.

If there is ever hope it is with the Giants and Deadstein.  Last week, we were mired in our suckiness.  This week we pulled ourselves out of that morass, put on those rusty strings one more time, and we made them shine. Yeah!.

Earlier in the week Alan suggested playing the anniversary show for the night from Nassau Coliseum, 1979.  It was the night after the infamous 1-10-79 show with the Dark Star et. al. and 1-11-79 is often forgotten, but with its stella Jack Straw, it must be reckoned with.  It is one of the greatest Jack Straws I know of.  Check out the show on Live Music Archives

With that inspiration before us we tackled the set list.  For the record, we did skip For the Heart of Me.  Pretty much from the first few songs, we knew we weren’t going to suck as much as the previous week.   Things felt pretty good.  I was focusing on my 15% volume limitation and it sounds about right I think on the recording.  Didn’t matter from an amp perspective as by the end of the night my amp was tired and electrically crackling.  We finished the long first set by 10 and were in fine shape to finish the entire show.

With the second set, we relaxed a bit then dove right into it with the Miracle.  That gets you going.  The Ship of Fools done in a authentic yet less familiar key, had use confused and twisted a bit, but we got by.  I joined Scott for the drums, pounding the bass drum and even though Kevin said that whole thing stunk, it gave us the mid seat break that keeps it all interesting and moving.  I wasn’t feeling to good about the space, Truckin’ Other One jams, maybe my hands didn’t recover from the drumming, but I found I was battling those as I played them.  Fortunately, Scott was pretty focused for most of the night and kept us going strong.  I am not familiar with the 1-11-79 Stella Blue, but Alan endorsed it so we tried to make that sweet.  At this moment, without hearing it, I have no recollection of it.  I guess I have to listen to both the Deadstein and Grateful Dead versions and compare them.  Finally were crossed the finish line a few minutes early with a nice Casey Jones and we played a Brokedown and a Hard to Handle as extras.  It was a big night with no guests which gave us a little bit of confidence to think that we don’t totally suck.  Now it’s time for the Giants to have the same revelation and beat the Packers.  Go Giants.

To hear what we did, access the MP3s at the links below.


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  1. Alan
    Jan 15, 2012 @ 12:01:10

    Nice artwork.

    In discussing the drumz/space before we started, I stated I that for me that was always the cue to take a bathroom break, while Kev I recall said he never left during that part. It was thus ironic that I stayed while he left, returning as the drum part was winding down. I was surprised to witness the Gind joining in and both him and Scott doing what the Dead used to refer to as “the dragon chasing it’s own tail”, alternating beats and doing so faster and faster as if to try to catch up, leading to a crescendo of crashing cymbals. There were smiles all around, something that of late has been a rare but welcome sight. It was a great moment, and for those who missed it, it is on the MP3. The space, though could have been better. I was to blame, in part, because I was traveling light and without my digital delay and wha wha to add to the mix, though Rich’s eerie but pretty piano contribution was nice.

    The robust Sugaree set the tone for an energetic yet restrained (volume-wise) night. Deal also had a robust tempo and feel. Kudos to The Gind who did a admirable job of recreating Jerry’s mile-a-minute lead on Jack Straw, and Kev had many nice counter-medlodic bass lines throughout; the verses of Cassady being a good example. Our mindfulness to stay focused and avoid excesses lead to a fun night captured on an unusually crisp and balanced recording by Rich.

    The Yin prevailed, and hopefull the Giants will too.

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