Jam – 2012-01-04 – Carroll’s

Well, with all the hullabaloo of the 2011 holiday season behind us, we were heading for a let down at the beginning of 2012. It’s just simple destiny.  Kevin started the night with a conversation about his realization about how terrible Deadstein is.  I think this is a good thing, not that we suck, but that we realize it.  So 2012 starts with unlimited doubt, but at least it gives us a target for the year to  come, which is not to suck so much.  That’s the ticket.

We were in our comfortable Studio #2 at the newly painted Carroll’s and it looked as though nothing was moved from the previous week.  Kevin was trying to stabilize his rig with a plea from Jules not to blow a Vox every week.  I got a shock on my nose from my mike and Alan suggested turning the AC adapter to my peddle board around in its power strip, I didn’t get shocked for the rest of the night, but that zinging sensation was in my mind all night long.  I have to remember to orientation of that adapter because I’ve encountered this issue before.

There were some terrible things that went on this night like the Cumberland that I couldn’t get into my head and an attempt to learn a small part of Bucket that went no where.  It would be funny if we went back to the music and it sounded okay from this night, but I would have to rate the the musicality of the evening as a below average night for sure.  Rich did an admirable job in trying to piece together or efforts, so please give it a listen if you are strong enough to take on even more doubt.  As I am writing this early Sunday morning with nothing to do till 1pm. all I can do is to get practicing and let’s not forget, Go Giants!


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  1. Scott
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 19:40:54


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