Jam – 2011-12-13 – Carroll’s

This Tuesday jam was kind of a surprise to me as I thought we were to play on Wednesday.  Therefore, it was a shock to me that I received a text from Kevin at 5:30 on Tuesday while sitting the Macho Nacho in Morristown waiting for my chimichanga to be cooked that said, “no food tonight, thx.”  I immediately called Kevin and confirmed that the jam was in a few hours and I wasn’t close to being mentally, physically or temporally close to being ready for this jam.

I got my food, went home a stuffed it down my gullet in about 10 minutes and was on my way in to Deadstein.  Amazingly enough, there was little traffic and I arrived about 40 minutes ahead of schedule.

Going into the jam we didn’t have a theme for it but we were still basking in the glow of last weeks 12-5 commemorative jam and some how the week’s theme  morphed into a bizzarro tribute to last weeks jam.  We decided to play songs that were more modern equivalents to last week’s setlist. For instance, instead of a Bertha opener we did a Touch of Grey and instead of closing the first set with One More Saturday Night, we closed with Don’t ease Me In.  This concept kept up going for much of the night and we ended playing a way above average 24 songs for the night.

By the middle of the second set, Scott’s long rock and roll weekend was catching up to him and he was having trouble keeping his eyes open and his arms up.  I decided to give him a break and played drums for 4 songs toward the end of the night. Scott finished on the final two Beatles songs that we played though Alan didn’t make it through those.

There were no guests for the night but there was surprisingly enough, another Dead cover-band in the studio next to ours. Alan knew a few of them and said hello to them and there was even rumors, or hopes from some, that a few members may come over after their short practice jam and play with us for a song or two.  That never materialized and the closest it came was a cute girl poking her head into the room saying she had a train to catch.  I guess she gave us a listen from the hallway before committing to trying to harmonize with any of us.  It was probably more of our loss than hers, so she probably made the right move.  The final few 2011 jam are upon us,so let’s make ’em count.


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  1. Alan W.
    Dec 17, 2011 @ 14:47:50

    This is the chick from Illuminati (and Half Step) who popped her head in and said she liked our playing. She may be free after Illuminati’s gig tonight in Brooklyn. I’d like to invite her to sit in for some back-up vocals with us some time. Click on the video and let me know.

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