Jam – 2011-12-05 – Carroll’s

40 years ago today about 25 blocks south of where we were playing Grateful Dead had one of their more historic nights. Commemorating that, Deadstein decided to try to take on the entire set list from the famous Grateful Dead show, December 5, 1971 Felt Forum New York City just under Madison Square Garden the world’s most famous arena.

It was a monumental Grateful Dead show and trying to play it would be wild. Knowing what we were going to play you gives me the opportunity to listen to the show and I practice it up during previous day. I change the strings on my guitar use my Stratocaster and I was ready to go. I kept the band on a vigorous pace keeping us going song to song not letting us waste too much time in between. This gave us some hope of accomplishing the entire set list we have before us.

We finished the first set which contained all a lot of songs right on schedule, maybe even a little ahead of schedule . During the break are only two guests of the night came in. They were Ryan and Meredith I believe that was her name. They spoke a lot but they seem to dig our scene and I think that was a good thing. For our second set could have been a miserable trip to the trenches of the dark oblivion but I think having a few guests in the room helped us stay inspired and focused. Subsequently, we were able to keep moving through the set list and before we know it we were on the home stretch.

In many respects we played all this music as authentically as we could with a 1971 feeling to it all. I do like the concept of knowing a set list and a time frame and sticking to it. This gives me something to really try to focus on with respect to my playing and my mindset.

It was a great Grateful Dead show and the power and the vibe from that show seem to really carry us through the evening at least it did with me. The show was special and we had a few special songs and moments in the ways that we played the songs. I convinced everyone that the key of G was wrong for both the I wash my hands as well as the Mr. Charlie and therefore we played them in a played them correctly and they were really good. There were lots of those Pigpen songs that required the harmonica and Alan was there for those authentic sounds also. It was good stuff that December 5, 1971 Felt Forum Grateful Dead show and it was good stuff for us playing the same songs on December 5, 2011 exactly 40 years to the date. This show and that day will live in infamy.

So as we begin to close out a another year of Deadstein we will see what 2012 has for us.  I suspect is probably more of the same which is a good thing so stay tuned and get prepared for a few more weeks of 2011 as we work our way through the winter of 2012 and go on on on on and on.

To hear any of this setlist go to the links below:


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Larry G.
    Dec 07, 2011 @ 19:11:53

    Been listening to this for a bit and it sounds as good as it gets for us!

  2. saladman8283
    Dec 08, 2011 @ 16:51:22

    Great show – Keith and no Donna.

  3. Larry G.
    Dec 09, 2011 @ 18:58:31

    Listen to the last line of It hurt me too. Rich say “It hoits me too” like are real NY Jew, pretty funny.

  4. Scott
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 22:33:57

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