Jam – 2011-11-01 – Carroll’s

This week Alan had a last minute cancellation leaving the jam for class core-4 Deadstein.  As I am posting this 5 days after the jam, I have virtually no recollection of the evening.  I do remember being in our small studio and everything sounding fine.  I was using my black Epiphone LesPaul through the Fender Twin Reverb, nothing new there.

With only one guitar in the room, we focused a bit more on Jerry Garcia Band music than usual.  Additionally, we did the Werewolves of London in honor of Halloween that just passed.  I don’t think we had any guests with the exception of Scott Bayer who transmitted the jam to Carol over the cell in addition to playing a bongo during the Ripple.  I don’t know why we let him in the room with those drums.

If you want to hear what happened, go to:


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  1. KEVIN
    Nov 09, 2011 @ 00:09:55

    Yeah yeah yeah, Deadstein is always good, but something extraordinary did happen at this jam.
    I consider myself a Beatles scholar and believe I have extensive knowledge of all things Beatle. Trivia, statistics, personalities and an intimate familiarity with the music. But, ScottyBoy, the kindest of all kids, did something that few humans have ever done; he taught me something new in Beatles. In my 47 years of Beatletude, I did not think there was a song or note that I didn’t know, but ScottyBoy put me in my place. I have never understood his infatuation with the Fab Faux, but his crush has become my enlightenment.
    Scotty was showing us one of his ridiculously good home videos of a Fab Faux show he had just attended and asked what chord or harmonic event he liked was going on in “Baby Your A Rich Man”. We listened and during the chorus I heard what he was talking about and I was like, “that is a mistake”. Scott said it wasn’t a mistake because they did it again on the next chorus. I was like, ” maybe they made it up, ’cause I never heard that in my life”.
    There is one way to find out. I plugged my itouch into the PA and we listened to The Beatles do “Baby Your A Rich Man”….and what do you freakin’ know?!?!? There it was, much lower in the mix, very subtle and done by Paul on the bass, rather than the very exaggerated guitar part the Fab Faux did, but it was there none-the-less. A chromatic bass line written and performed by The Beatles.
    Thank you ScottyBoy for helping complete me by making me a better Beatles fan.

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