Jam – 2011-10-12 – Carroll’s

It felt good to get back to a night with virtually no guests, only Scott Bayer intruded on our cocoon for a few minutes.  We decided to use the date of October 12 to play a real show, so we selected the 1981 show from Olympia Halle, Munich, GE as our template.

It was along show and a lot to tackle.  We almost accomplished the entire setlist but we missed out on the last two songs.  It was a pretty good run nevertheless.  Our first set rendition felt really good and solid.  There were some challenging selections including a bunch of cowboy songs, but they went well.  Short of that, the set was filled with lots of standards from 1981 which provided a great sense of familiarity leading to some confident playing.  Completing the 12-song first set with such aplomb was quite satisfying.

I think we lost a bit of our stride in the second set as some things fell apart.  I total destroyed the Around and Around in the middle of the song by forgetting where I was.  OK, my new iPhone 4S arrive and I have no time to post.  I look forward to the MP3s.


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  1. Scott
    Oct 16, 2011 @ 18:11:43

    Nutritious snacks for all for the next Jam. Let’s see if it makes a difference 🙂
    Carrots & Hummus? Celery Sticks? A nice juicy apple?

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