Jam – 2011-09-08 – Carroll’s

As written by Alan:

This was another difficult week to schedule and was almost cancncelled at the last moment but as always we found a way to make it happen. With The Gind at doggie camp (with his dogs), we were short a lead guitarist. Although we have a strong bench of past and temp lead guitarists to call upon, all were otherwise engaged. Al D. was in town but his appearence, and our fate,  was contingent on the weather, as he had tickets for an outdoor event. The weather held up, which is more than I can say for our luck.

Despite some understandable hesitency on Alan’s part to play the “Jerry” role, on Kevin’s encouragement he stepped up to the plate and a revised “Core Four” jammed. All concerns about this makeshift quartet vanished with the warm-up opener Tore Up, which sounded like…Deadstein. To see if we could go beyond the simple 1-4-5 blues/rock format, we did a stand-alone Scarlet Begonias, which again was a success. Other first set tunes included And it Stoned Me, and a number of Pigpen songs, not only for their simplicity but because it was Pigpen’s birthday. To celebrate the end of several consecutive days or rain we played Here Comes Sunshine, a good bookend to the Looks Like Rain we played weeks earlier before Hurricane Irynne.

The centerpiece of the second set was a heavy jam of Dark Star, The Other One, and Caution (Do Not Step on the Tracks), which was a Deadstein first. It was a lucky unplanned occurance that developed out of a rhythm created by Alan’s digital delay repeat. The soporific slow Friend of the Devil was a bad choice for 11:30 PM. The Gind would have known better. His absence was felt thoughout the night, not just for the leads, but for his leadership and song choice. We have learned to use more eye contact to cue changes so there were surprisingly few crossed signals on leads between me an Rich, who also deserves kudos for singing all of the songs. Kevin and Scott both made it past the finish line on two (or is that four) feet. Our only guest was Scott Bayer, who appeared mid-Dark Star and left some welcome food and left. if not for the food we would not have been sure his appearence was just our imagination.

We look forward to Larry’s return next week for a “Full Five” (or more) jam.

To hear the MP3s from this week, click the links below:




2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lgindoff
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 22:43:47

    I never knew there was footage of 2-14-70 check it out!

  2. Alan W.
    Sep 12, 2011 @ 23:13:17

    For us Bobbyphiles, this is agreat instance of him expanding on Jerry’s lead and then Phil’s bass, adding chordal tones and textures, while suggesting rhythmic changes to the percussionists. Listening to what you hear, and imaginin
    g possibilities is what it is all about.

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