Jam – 2011-08-29 – Carroll’s

Monday was the only night we could get together this week for a jam.  We collectively decided it was best the ruin the rest of the week in order to get the jam in on Monday.  From the perspective of a jam, I think it is helpful in that we are well rested from the weekend and ready to put forth a good effort.

We didn’t have a theme for this week but Kevin kept asking for songs that were indicative of a great Dead show that you would go to.  I started the evening’s song list as such with the Stranger opener and the night had a lot of promise.  The Stranger was hot and well done and set us in the right direction.  Speaking of which, the Love Each Other fell right in line thereafter.  I kept us moving going right into a Minglewood out of the Love Each Other.  Trying to keep us moving forward with momentum.

It took us a while to eventually veer from this concept but eventually we did with the closing of the first set with a Good Night Irene.  While Hurricane Irene from the weekend was a non-event for the most of us, I was still out of electricity as I came to the jam.  By about 8:30 I received word that I finally had power back after about a week ad a half, and it was Good Night Irene.

Rob and Miriam commented how that one started terribly, but by the end of the song they were amazed how much fun it was and how good it was.  Scott Bayer showed up later in the night so he and Rob and Miriam were our only guests.  Rob and Miriam seemed to really like the Loose Lucy we gave them.  Seem to hit a chord within them.

Second set was surprisingly strong for a second set.  We closed with a few Beatles songs prior to finishing the night with a Brokedown in the modern key.  It is a little more fun playing in G rather than F.  Just my two cents.

As I am in dog camp next week and will have a week off, I sure everyone will hold the reigns of the Ying-Yoink experience so I am expecting a full report.

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