Jam – 2011-07-14 – Carroll’s

Thursday night and it was a tough night to be driving.  Traffic was bad coming in and there was a show at Terminal 5.  That meant me and my hobbling left leg had to walk a lot further than we wanted to.  Kevy had the family sedan rather than his typical truck.  Fortunately and unfortunately, as fate has it, his truck with wife and kids had a bad blow out on NorthernState.  Several 360s later they rested comfortably, safe in the middle of the parkway.  Needless to say, this kept Kevy preoccupied and in and out during the entire 1st set.  Luckily everyone was OK and Kevin actually played pretty well all things considered as he was running in and out of the room on the cell phone.

The first set was rough and tumble and had a lot of trouble taking off.  I think Scottie was peppier than usual so that helped quite a bit to sustain the flow at the beginning, pushing us through the rough spots.  I was playing sitting in a chair which is just uncomfortable, my strap gets in the way, I hit the microphone with my head and I can’t lead the band as well from a seated position.  This was all and hindrance toward the effort of making the first set good.

For the first time in weeks we didn’t have a setlist and we got going late and I sure once I see the MP3 list of songs, it will show the detriment of playing without a game plan, but we did fine. By the second set, Kevy was back in the groove, Scottie was going to fall into one and we were much more comfortable later on.

Phil the vet was there to watch us all night long and recognized our early lethargy but I think we overcame it by the end.  He and Scott Bayer were our only guests and we let him play one number with us, a fast Devil, for rewarding us with the apparent best Cheese Doodles ever.  I didn’t try.

Hey not every night will be the best and even at the worst you feel good and bad at the end of it and you come back for more.  The Unlimited Ying-Yoink of it all.

To hear the MP3s, go to the links below:


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  1. KEVIN
    Jul 16, 2011 @ 09:45:00

    F*ck! Why didn’t I think of that?

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