Jam – 2011-07-07 – Carroll’s

After the long diatribe all about the declaration of nothing following the 4th of July jam, Deadstein seemed poised to attacked the summer stretch of jams.  I got my strings changed for this week and they and the rest of Deadstein was waiting to tackle the July 7, 1989 Dead show at JFK from Philadelphia.  I remember the concert being a very hot temperature show in that now demolished football stadium holding close to 100,000 people.  It was big, hot and freaky, not only is that what she said, but it was the challenge for this week’s Deadstein jam, to commemorate that show from 22 years ago.

Bucket was the opener, a tremendous challenge for the likes of Deadstein, but I was hoping the work I did on it on the day I changed my strings would guide me gracefully through the rendition.  It wasn’t to be, I wasn’t ready for it, physically or mentally, and I was fighting it the whole way through.  I never really did get comfortable all night  from a playing perspective and was preoccupied.  Too bad, another lost opportunity.  The good thing about it is no matter how bad and painful, there is still something to take from the evening and good music is made at time despite everyone’s efforts not to make it be so.  How’s that for English?

Since I got distracted during the week from my intentions to learn Blow Away for this set, I never did.  Therefore it gave us an opportunity to play the requested, and should have been denied, Bertha to close the first set.  The only guests for the night were Kev’s friend Keith and Gila and Gila asked for it and I initially denied it due to our adherence to the 7-7-89 show, but when the Blow Away creeped  up on me, I started the Bertha out of the Let It Grow.

Check out these video from the actual show below:

While Kevin hung out with them during the halftime we played the Stir It Up, without a bass that I charted out during the week.  While I picked up Kevin’s Bass he came back and we decided to play a Dark Star with him playing my guitar and me one his bass.  I think we did a nice version of it. It was long spacey and original.  It also gave a a good excuse why we didn’t get to the Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door encore.  Short of that, we completed the entire second set, with 2 slow Jerry ballads, Standing on the Moon and Wharf Rat.  My dawgs were barking for the second set and I assumed the unusual seating position for me.  All part of the price of admission.

It will be time to pay the piper next week. Until we all freak again.

To hear what Deadstein did during the night click on the links below:


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Larry G.
    Jul 10, 2011 @ 17:02:37

    Great news-story on the Grateful Dead

  2. Alan W.
    Jul 12, 2011 @ 13:26:25

    The sound gremlins got to me and Kev, requiring amp changes, which always hinders our big airplane from gaining enough forward momentum to head skyward. I think we did get there eventually, especially on the impromptu Dark Star. Sets lists are a great way to avoid wasting time, though I think that spontaneous occurances like Larry and Kevin switching instruments should be allowed to lead us elsewhere, as was the case.

  3. scott
    Jul 13, 2011 @ 07:39:12

    gotta luv Youtube…….

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