Jam – 2011-04-21 – Carroll’s

For the first week in several weeks we didn’t have a setlist to play when we arrived and picked one out of the air as we played. It was good to be back in Carroll’s with the five of us. That’s right we also had Scott Bayer with his beaded gourd and desire to have a 10-minute telephone consultation with Scott on the fine art of drumming. If that conversation ever took place, I would be interested in how it went. We also had Rob and Miriam show up and one of their friends also hung out for a while. He seemed interested in buying Carroll’s. Let’s hope that never happens because Carroll’s is where it is at.

There was a little hamper on our night as a crowd of like 200 girls played in the studio next door and we could play too loud and upset them. Then after we all thought they were gone and we were free to let our proverbial hair done, at 11:15 came another bus-load. How did they get them all in the elevator?

Anyway, I am posting this on the Tuesday night, the night before we have our next jam just to make sure I get this thing posted. You never want to get behind on this stuff because you find yourself never ahead again.

I had an agenda coming into the jam to play the Help-Slip Franklins that I had been practicing for a week anticipation for the 4/12 Binghampton show that never materialized the week before. I also wanted to try the Lazy Lightning again which we are getting closer to doing well. Both were fair at best, but there were moments in the night, I’ll have to see if I can get to the MP3s before the next jam.


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  1. scott
    Apr 27, 2011 @ 08:23:22

    Gotta love the old GDTS tix with the sparkles 🙂
    For the record, i did not have a phone conversation with Bayer, and i don’t plan on it any time soon. Getting tired of that gourd for sure. Time to leave it at home and his little drum too…….Exciting week of music for me….. Deadstein tonight, Dark Star Orchestra Friday night, and Levon Helm Band with special guest Warren Haynes at Levon’s Ramble in Woodstock, NY.
    Warren is also debuting his new band at The Beacon Theater on May 12th.
    See ya tonight

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