Jam – 2011-04-14 – UltraSound

Deadstein got a jam in this week when it looked like we were going to have to miss a week.  Since Carnegie Hall had Carroll’s reserved for the week and unavailable for us we had to find another place to play.  Additionally, it was difficult coordinating our schedules to find a day that was good for everyone and as such, Alan fell victim this week and was the odd man out.  This week would be Core-4 at Ultrasound on 30th Street between 9-12, only three hours.  Everything as a bid different this week and we made the best of it.

Early plans for this week were to play on Tuesday the 12th.  This would have been the 28th anniversary of the 4-12-1983 Binghamton show, a great show and Kevin’s first and my fifth. Since we ended up switching the jam to Thursday, which was the 14 and the 29th anniversary of the 4-14-82 Glenns Falls show, it over-ruled the Binghamton show and we had to play the Glenn’s Falls show.  This was my second show and arguable a better show than Binghamton even though the Binghamton show has a bigger and better setlist.  This worked well for us since we were restricted to only 3 hours in the study, and 3 tight, strict hours, not a minute more.  In some respects this switch was too bad because I had practiced the Binghamton during the wek especially trying to get the Help on the Way and Slipknot down from a Jerry perspective.  I spent a lot of time approaching getting the Slipknot under my belt and didn’t spend anytime on Lazy Lightning from 4-14 which needed some attention.  Not to fret, the Help on the Way work will pay dividends in te future and the Lazy Lighning we did had some ggood moments and felt better than it could have.

Being in UltraSound sound a lot of different things for us.  It meant a 9:00 start time and no time to hang out before hand.  I met Scott and Rich at Mustang Harry’s on 7th for dinner at 7:30 but we still finished early and hung out in the street with the other musician trash waiting for our time to come.  When we finally checked into Ultrasound, we had to wait for the band occupying our Studio 11 to finish, they were nerdier than we were, and we were forced to wait in the stairwell for a few minutes.  That wasn’t the worst thing as it gave us time to unwind because once we got going it felt like we were on a harried pace in an attempt to finish the entire 4-14-82 show in the 3-hour time slot.  When came within 1 minutes but got cut-off in the end.

The Studio itself was pretty nice.  The PA was strong and clean.  My amp was a Marshall and had a nice clean channel with a nice reverb that came pretty close to the Fender Twin Reverb I typically use.  I thought Kevin’s amp sounded good and Rich was using an electronic keyboard playing organ and electric piano sounds.  These were all nice changes.  The room was intimate, sterile yet facilitated our jam nicely.  One good point is it cost one-half of what Carroll’s costs us.  I even found a spot right in front.

To hear what we did in distorted MP3 format, go to the links below:


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  1. Scott
    Apr 20, 2011 @ 09:14:16

    Back to Carolls….. Oh yeah

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