Jam – 2011-02-01 – Carroll’s

Deadstein was back together on this Wednesday night for a full and ordinary night of Deadstein.  While ordinary for Deadstein, the normality of it all gave resulted in a really nice jam, as it should.  Kevin got his dream bass rig, with a dedicated amp for the sub with a simple high pass filter switch on it.  The remaining highs were sent to the Roland and it was low and powerful.  Thank G-d for that new tech we have in the room, he’s looking after us!

There was a giant ice storm in the country and our area the day before so it was questionable whether the jam would take place or pushed to Thursday.  The storm was a serious morning event, but by the afternoon, the sun came out it warmed up and Deadstein was on.  The roads were not a problem and didn’t freeze up on the way home either.

The night’s music can be described as a Grateful Dead sandwich on very thin Beatles toast, with a whole lot of cheese.  It was fun to be playing Jerry again after last weeks jam with Jason when I played Bob.  I’ve been practicing a lot at home recently being stuck at home with all the snow, but I hadn’t done anything between last week and this week.  It didn’t seem to matter as I felt pretty fresh and relatively competent.  The Taxman –> Aiko transition could have been good if I communicated it to anyone.  In the Minglewood I ad-libbed a little about the Egyptian revolution which was in full force during the times of our jam.  We lost a lot of energy by the time the midnight hour rolled around but there was plenty of good stuff in between.  And that’s what she said.

To hear what we played for the night go to the links below.


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  1. Alan W.
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 21:44:15

    A fun night. The MP3s sound good. Consistently tight playing and with some tasty leads and jams. Kudos to Rich and Larry for your leads on Peggy-O!

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