Jam – 2011-01-27 – Carroll’s

The Return of Jason It sounds like a horror show but it was anything but a horror show.  We haven’t played with Jason for over a year,     but with Alan enjoying the sunshine of the Caribbean, it gave us an opportunity to plug him into his Jerry slot.  More importantly, it threw me back into my more natural Bobby slot from which I took the opportunity to break out the Heritage Hollow-Body and emulate that Early 1970’s sound and feel.  I liked the sound of the clean Hertage throughout the night.

We had some great jams the five of us.  The Same Thing strayed  from our late Dead manner of playing the song to more of the late 60’s way of playing.  This included a jam in the middle of the song instead of a lead.  That was pretty good.  We only captured half the night and I recall also playing the Help –> Fire but we also played several additional songs that I do not recall.  If any one remembers any of the additional songs, speak it up, before it leaves our existence forever.

To hear what we did for the first half of the night go to the links below:


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  1. Brotpen
    Jan 31, 2011 @ 11:45:56

    Hard To Handle
    Help On The Way
    Fire On The Mountain
    Good Lovin

    H. Scott Bayer guested himself and played some fairly appropriate african drum notes to keep the mother rolling in Hard To Handle and onward through the set. No call to Carol. I guess even he got distracted.

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