Jam – 2009-10-28 – Carroll’s


Nice to be in a picture for once, not!

It was Wednesday night and the first day of the 2009 World Series with the Philadelphia Phillies facing the Yankees.  The Empire State Building was dressed in Blue and White . Who won? Who Cares?  Let’s just say that I was happy I was at Deadstein.  Actually the Yankees got blown and shut out.  The starting lineup for Deadstein called for Trister to play lead guitar.  A last minute cancellation resulted in a call to Al D, fresh off a photo shoot in Hawaii.  Always fun to play with Al D and it is nice to catch him while he is not traveling ’round the world.


Al didn’t show for a few songs so we did start with some Core-4 Deadstein.  We opened with the Harder they Come and for the first few songs I felt pretty uncomfortable on the guitar, not feeling it at all.  It wasn’t until the Dear Prudence that I actually had a little sense of liking my guitar playing.  I did like the sound and tempo of the Althea.  The Prudence was the last song we played as Core-4 until Al D. walked in.  Speaking of walking in, we had no guests for the night with the exception of the freaky Scott Bayer, who came late, banged a bongo or two and was on his way.

IMG_3375_edited-1With Al D we in the studio pulled off some good three-somes including the Truckin’ -> Other One -> She Belongs to Me.  This was a fun and substantial jam.  Later on, we also did a Here Comes Sunshine –> China Rider, but I recall the Rider not being good at all. During the first part of the night Scott called for a song from the Garcia Sauders series and I picked the One Kind Favor which was referred to as a Deadstein first, but I don’t think it was.  Nevertheless, I’m sure we haven’t played it in 15 years at least if we have played it and after we found it groove it was pretty good.  Something to do again.


We did the Let It Bleed again and this was our best effort on that song.  I liked our Gomorrah also, it was sweet.  Al called for the Black Throated Wind and we obliged him on that one.  It was worth it also well played.   He also called for the Alabama Getaway which I ended up singing, I don’t think I have ever sung that song, and that one was fun.  I remember it really tiring out my left wrist to play.  It was an effort, good or bad.  The night ended with a Sailor, no Saint as this week was impacted by a cognitive disorder for the second week in a row.  I fear our next jam.  My cognitive disorder is due.  Maybe not.  I guess I will cross that bridge when I get there.  Speaking of which, I was able to relax during the jam knowing I would have the next day off and I was going to go paddling in the Passaic River.  It was a beautiful day so check out the blog posting.

The thought for the night was inspired by a piss at the end of the evening:

You walk into a bathroom with 3 urinals in it.  Two have piss in them and one doesn’t.  Which toilet do you use?  The 2 with piss in them are obviously disgusting and the one without the piss in it has had the toilet plunger recently used, so I don’t want to touch that thing. I decided to piss in the clean one and I didn’t flush.  Problem resolved.

So if you want to see what we played and even give it a listen, check out the links below:



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