Jam – 2009-10-21 – Carroll’s

Kev looking for his California Earthquake

Kev looking for his California Earthquake

We were fortunate to have Andy once again with us this Wednesday night at Carroll’s.  Outside was a beautiful, unseasonable warm day and we had the air conditioning cranking in the Studio 2 of Carroll’s.  It was like a refrigerator in there because the air conditioner couldn’t keep up with the hotness of the music.  Actually, the music  wasn’t all that hot just nicely comfortable, just like the day from which it came.  Highlights included the opening Jack Straw, the Duprees, and all the rest.  We didn’t have too many clunkers to think of and every song was played and not abandoned.  Most importantly, no songs were relegated to the banned list, so they are all still on the band list.  A subtle distinction.


Steal My Songbook

Steal My Songbook

Andy, belting out a California Earthquake

Andy, belting out a California Earthquake

Andy stayed until around 10:30, with Scott force feeding a Not Fade Away upon him.  After that we took a little break and played a bit of Core-4 Deadstein comprised on GarBand and Dead songs.  We finished with the Baby Blue  Scott Bayer was the only guest in the room for the night as he played bongos on some stuff and then said his piece and left.  The piece was priceless and I was fortunate enough capture it on my iPhone, so enjoy this little YouTube clip.

[Youtube = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boesMQYAoKc%5D

So we got a nice chunk of songage into the evening.  ‘Twas a very satisfying affair and I cannot wait until we do it again.


To listen to the 17 songs we did for the night go to the link below or just click a song and listen and hopefully enjoy.



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