Jam – 2009-09-16 – Carroll’s

DCC_1841_edited-1Once again this week we were blessed for all that goes good in this world.  Andy was able to jam with us for most of the night, there was a bountiful feeling in the room and finally, we experienced the most distracting moment that I recall since we had a “the midget” come in a Deadstein jam in the early 1990’s.  During the Race is On Jam we saw this really hot blonde looking and smiling in the window.  She eventually walked in a gave us 2 pizza pies and walked out shaking here beautiful tiny butt.  As you can tell I’m still visualizing the distraction.  The rest of the Race Is On was a well deserved mess.

DCC_1843_edited-1Our only guest of the night, Scott Bayer, quickly scooped up the 2 pies, in actuality there were just 6 slices leftover from 2 pies, and delivered them to Carol.  Out fan club at the other end of the cellular network.  I assume that was out mitzvah for the night.  Easy Come and Easy Go.

So we started with the Bucket which was quite mushy but we solidified more immediately following it.  The loud band in Studio #1 next door was filling our sonic space with mush so I tried to freeze them out of there by turning down the thermostat in our room, which is connected to Studio #1.  The result is the music stopped soon next door and it was quite cold in our studio.


It wasn’t one of those rock solid nights but we did have out moments.  The Dancing in the Streets really went out there.   I remember Tangled Up in Blue kept a nice groove and ended with a Crazy Jam.  It was the night before Scott’s birthday so he was calling many of the songs and we got some good ones such as the Tangled Up.  Andy ended the night with a mistake, If I Had the World to Give and it was over for him.

After Andy left we did lots of random JGB selections but Kevin and Scott were struggling to keep there eyes open.  The song selector nicely selected a Tore Up to open the mess.  We played the nice slow  It Takes a Lot to Laugh and I even snuck in the Norwegian Wood.  The Cats Down Under the Stars we closed with was a mess so we decided to close up shop 15 minutes early and call it another Deadstein jam.

If you want to listen to the jam go to the link below and or go directly to the songs and give them a listen.  We got 17 songs in that’s okay.  Actually it probably below par for 2009 where in 1997 it was probably a shit load.


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